No matter how successful your pet-care services business is, having a diverse revenue stream increases your financial stability, adds value for your customers, and makes your business more marketable to new and existing customers. 

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your RevenueIf you own and operate an established pet-care business, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the benefits of having a retail element included in your growth strategy. And, if there’s one thing larger, experienced pet-care business owners know, it's that trends in retail pet products move quickly. In this industry, not keeping pace with your competitors means you could lose customers.

If it's been a while since you updated the SKUs in your inventory, now is a great time to explore new pet-care business retail ideas to give your customers the best possible experience and ensure the products you offer complement the services you provide.

Done the right way, expanding the retail portion of your pet services business allows you to engage your customers, expand your influence within your community, and boost your revenue without hiring extra staff.

Want to learn more? Check out these pet-care business retail ideas!

Toys and plushies

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your RevenueIt’s no secret that plushies are the most popular dog toy on the market. These soft, cute stuffed toys come in all shapes and sizes, so each and every dog can enjoy the satisfying squeak that comes from their favorite plushie. 

Plushies and other toys aren’t just for play; they are a useful resource for easing anxiety in dogs. So if your pet-care business offers a boarding service, having a selection of entertaining items like squeaky toys, rubber bones, tug-of-war ropes and tennis balls is a must. Not only do these toys improve the experience of the pup or kitty in your care, but they also give owners peace of mind that their fur baby has everything they need for a pleasant stay. 

Collars, leashes and harnesses

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your RevenueEvery pet parent understands the important role collars, leashes and harnesses play in their pet’s safety. Including these items in eye-catching brand colors and adding your business’s logo isn’t just a great way to advertise your business. It can help keep your four-legged customers safe. 

Increase the visibility of these products to your customers by hosting a giveaway for brand loyalty members to raise awareness of the importance of leash safety. You could also include specialty items like reflective leashes, collars and harnesses for customers who walk their pets at night. 

Tracking the sales of these leashes, harnesses, and other products with the reporting feature on your Gingr pet-care software will give you insights into which products matter the most to your customers and better understand their needs. 

Pet carriers and backpacks

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your Revenue

Cozy, comfortable pet carriers and backpacks are items pet owners forget they need until they need them. Most people know they need a pet carrier if they take their animal on a plane. But, in some cities, pet carriers are required to take animals on trains, buses, and subways. If a pet parent is unprepared, they may find themselves in a sticky situation. 

Today, pet carriers are designed with the needs of pet parents in mind, as much as they are for the pets that travel within them. So testing pet carrier designs that include laptop holders, or can do double-duty as a stylish purse, maybe just the retail idea you need to show your customers you truly understand their needs.

T-shirts, clothes, and accessories

Pet-care businesses are uniquely positioned to offer apparel items for both pets and their people. You can even create matching sets of branded t-shirts or sweatshirts for pet parents and their fur babies!

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your Revenue

Check out these cute shirts from Gingr customer Bubble Puppy's online store!

In addition to adding your logo to clothing items and accessories, think outside the box and include some fun sayings like ‘dog mom’ or ‘dog dad’ on them. Be sure to prominently display these retail items around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Also, creating limited runs of fun, seasonally inspired bandanas with spring or summer themes will fly off the shelf when the weather warms up.

Don’t forget to cross-sell retail accessories too. If a customer purchases a grooming service, cross-selling a dapper bow or Instagram-worthy ribbon will encourage additional purchases and complete their pet’s adorable look.

Hiking & outdoor pet products 

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your RevenuePet parents love exploring nature with their dogs — and some even venture into the wilderness with their cats!

Carrying items like dog first aid kits, travel water bowls, and LED illuminating dog tags will appeal to a wide variety of pet owners who are ready to hit the hiking trails with their furry friends.

If your Gingr software is integrated with MailChimp, create a newsletter with a list of ‘Tips for Hiking with Your Pet’ and include a promotion for some of your practical outdoor pet products. 

Pet treats and bakery goods

istockphoto-1047970006-612x612If you host doggie birthday parties as part of your service packages, going one extra step and offering homemade, dog-friendly birthday cakes and cookies will put a smile on every pup’s face.

You may also consider partnering with a specialty dog bakery to offer handmade cookies and cakes unique to your location. Your local bakery may even be able to put your business’s logo on some of these specialty baked goods.

Because all pets love treats, try rewarding long-time customers with a snack pack every month as a part of a customer rewards or membership program.

Pet photography

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your Revenue

In the age of social media, pet photography stands out as one of the most sought services a pet-care business can offer. Pet owners increasingly view this fun service the same way they view their two-legged children’s class photos and holiday card pictures. 

Hiring a freelance photographer to take pet portraits once a month will be a hit in your community. And promoting this service to customers outside your current network of clients can also draw new business to your boarding, daycare, or grooming facility.

Consider promoting pet photography — and your brand loyalty program — by offering a pet photography discount to your customer loyalty members.   

Don’t forget about howliday pet photography retail opportunities. Try hiring a local Santa or Easter bunny to give pet parents the adorable photo of their pet they’ve been waiting for!

Training services

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your RevenueGive pet parents a complete pet-services experience by offering training sessions with experienced staff members. Getting a new puppy or adopted dog to a dog training class can be tricky for pup parents who work full-time. 

If your established pet-care business offers training sessions with experienced staff members on top of daycare, grooming and boarding, your facility will be head and tails above the rest. Owners will jump at the chance to take their pets to your business. What’s great about Gingr’s all-in-one pet care software is that adding a training service to the existing suite of services you already offer guests is easy!

Wrapping up

Taking an intuitive approach to meeting your customers’ retail needs builds trust and brand loyalty. Adding complementary products to your existing pet-care services isn’t just a great way to diversify your revenue stream. It provides added value for your customers by making it easy to purchase products they may otherwise have to travel to a different location to buy.

Pet-Care Business Retail Ideas to Maximize Your RevenueDon’t be afraid to experiment with new retail products unique to your area, like doggie snow boots in cold climates or pet cooling pads in warm climates. Using Gingr to manage the day-to-day needs of your business, and utilizing the reporting features, can provide key insights into your customers’ behavior so that you can get to know their likes and dislikes even more. 

You may even discover a huge unmet need within your customer base and branch out into things like your own mini retail clothing line for pets or branded pet snacks!

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