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Robust and Reliable Kennel and Dog Daycare Software

Pet businesses come to Gingr for a user-friendly experience. Gingr has the most advanced customization, automation, and communication tools of any pet business software. We also deliver the highest uptime and fastest performance in pet-care software, so you can rely on your software when you need it most.

shapes-3 dots-3 Gingr’s dog boarding, daycare, and kennel software solutions have advanced customization capabilities and industry-leading performance.

Gingr for Pet Parents Mobile App

With the Gingr for Pet Parents app, pet parents can easily book from the app, update their profiles, upload vaccinations, manage agreements, pay and view their invoice history, and much more.

The Gingr for Pet Parents App is included with every subscription for free in the Apple and Android app stores.

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Gingr’s intuitive and user-friendly kennel software and dog daycare software means you’ll be able to quickly get staff up and running.

Simple and Intuitive Pet Boarding Software

Gingr’s easy-to-follow user experience requires less time and fewer clicks to accomplish more. Gingr’s boarding and dog daycare apps speed up transactions and workflows. Our intuitive pet business software makes it simple and fast to train staff—and easy for your customers to do business with you.

You can customize Gingr’s dog daycare app and boarding software to make it work for your unique pet-care business.

Advanced Settings and Customization

The Gingr team understands that your grooming, training, kennel, or dog daycare software should be as unique as your business. We built advanced customization capabilities, so you can streamline and automate processes while supporting your business’s brand experience for your staff and customers.

Our pet business software has industry-leading performance and uptime to keep your work moving smoothly.

Fast and Reliable Pet-Care Business Software

Busy pet-care professionals like you don’t have time to wait on your software. Gingr’s high-performance dog daycare and dog boarding software solutions speed up your processes. We invest heavily in page load speed and reliability (aka uptime)—so you can count on your pet business software day and night, all year long.

Team Ginger offers “best in show” support so you can get up and running quickly with your grooming, training, and boarding software.

Dedicated Customer Support

Team Gingr helps ensure that you are able to implement your pet business software quickly and with ease. 100% in the U.S., our implementation and support teams help ensure a seamless transition and continued “best in show” support for your team.

Gingr’s dog daycare and dog boarding software solutions allow you to track critical pet and customer information.

Rich Customer and Pet Profiles

Gingr helps you stay on top of all the details that keep clients and pets safe and happy. The customer and pet profiles in our pet business software make it easy to track vaccination records, behavior information, dietary needs, and more. This real-time information is available with just a few clicks so your team always has the right data at their fingertips.

Gingr’s dog daycare and dog boarding software solutions provide a convenient customer experience.

Convenient Customer Experience

Our pet business software offers a convenient customer portal that creates a seamless online experience. In Gingr, customers can self-register and request their first evaluation, reservation, or appointment. Pet owners can purchase package credits and pay deposits and invoices with ease.

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Software that Makes Running Your Pet Business Easier

Since 2014, Gingr has been on a mission to make running a pet business easier. For pet business owners and managers who want to retain the joy of taking care of pets, Gingr helps reduce hassle, save time, and eliminate headaches.

We provide the most advanced and intuitive pet business software solution to thousands of boarding kennels, doggie daycare, and grooming facilities—helping them provide staff members, customers, and pets with the best experience possible.

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dots-4 shapes-2 Our pet business software is dedicated to helping you spend more time with the animals in your care.

Unlock Your Pet-Care Business’s Potential

Find out how Gingr’s pet-care software will help you streamline and grow your business‚ so you can do more of what you love (woof, woof).

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dots-4 Our pet business software will help you unlock your potential so you can do more of what you love.

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