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Dog Daycare Software by Gingr

Pre-Paid Packages

Pre-paid packages save time and boost cash flow. Gingr’s customizable packages allow for endless flexibility. Create hourly, full-day, and half-day packages at multiple levels for individual or multiple pets. Subscription packages automate payment and renewals, so you never have to lift a finger for repeat transactions.


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Online Booking

Gingr’s online customer portal operates just like an app, with a simple and intuitive experience for all. Customers can complete and sign forms, request reservations, purchase packages, pay invoices, and of course, see great photos and videos of their dogs. Convenient online tools facilitate a more positive customer experience and generate loyalty.
Dog Daycare Software Features

Animal & Owner Icons

Gingr’s icons are like digital sticky notes with superpowers! Icons help you stay up-to-date on your dog daycare’s needs with just a glance. Pet icons quickly identify important pet and customer care needs. System icons alert you about expired vaccinations, first-time customers, and other important information. Custom icons allow you to categorize pets in playgroups, note medical or behavioral issues, or pop up important notes when checking pets in or out.
Day Daycare Custom Icons

Manage Your Dog Daycare In One Place

dog daycare software
Automated Pricing
Prevent manual errors and get paid the right amount for every reservation. Automatically convert half-day to full-day, apply multi-pet discounts, and batch payments.
dog daycare software
Quick Check-In
Beat the morning rush with the ability to check in a group of dogs at the same time—no reservation necessary!
dog daycare software
Capacity Management & Play Groups
Goodbye, overbooking! Capacity groups for reservation types and services automatically ensure you'll never get overbooked.

Software That Keeps Dog Daycare Fun

Profitable dog daycares require efficiency in scheduling, check-ins and checkouts, payments, and communication. Gingr has all the essential features you need to keep every part of your dog daycare running smoothly.

Gingr helps you go paperless, automate, and track all the details. With our dog daycare software, it’s simple for staff to manage bookings and care for pets—while still getting all those great happy tail wags.

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dots-4 With Gingr’s dog daycare software, you’ll be well-equipped to grow and thrive.

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