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Gingr’s boarding software can save your pet care business time and money.

Stand-Out Kennel Software Features

This image of a dog and a dog boarding employee illustrate the features of dog boarding software.

Automated Pricing

Are you ready to save time and eliminate pricing errors? Gingr’s integrated payment processor automatically assigns pricing for early check-in, late checkout, weight, and age. Easily offer extended stay discounts and add-ons like daycare. With Gingr, all price adjustments can be automated.

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Manage Reservations,  Services, and Retail

Gingr stores everything about pets and their pet parents in one easy dashboard.  That way, your staff can quickly access information like vaccinations, belongings, and photos, and add services and retail items to existing reservations.

This screenshot of Gingr’s kennel software shows how you can manage reservations, services, and retail operations.

Online Booking

The customer portal connects you with pet owners 24/7, 365 days a year. Customers can self-register, request appointments, purchase packages, pay deposits, and select service add-ons like training sessions and grooming appointments.

shapes-3 This image of two men holding a dog and a computer represents how easy it is to book an appointment with our kennel software.

Manage Every Aspect of Your Boarding Facility

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Report Cards
Give pet parents fun, informative, and much-adored report cards. Easily share report cards via email or SMS, or print them out so the pet parent can hang them on the fridge.
dog kennel software
Capacity Management
The lodging calendar shows which kennels are occupied and which are available. Easily transfer pets with drag-and-drop functionality, view occupancy reports, manage your facility calendar, and set icons to visualize information quickly.
dog kennel software
Digital Agreements
Speed up the intake process with digital agreements. Pet parents can quickly and easily sign owner agreements from their laptop, phone, or tablet.

See How Gingr's Kennel Software Can Work for You

Every dog kennel is different. That’s why Gingr offers endless paws-abilities for managing your facility. Our user-friendly program multitasks for you, providing you with key reminders and giving your staff access to real-time information to keep everyone on the same page.

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