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Introducing: Void Items After Checkout

We've added the ability to void items from an invoice after checkout! Take control over your invoices and allow users to void items.


New: Sales Receipt Report

This new report provides an export option for use with Quickbooks Online, which has been a highly requested feature among Gingr customers!


Integrated Payment Processing: 6 Benefits for Your Business

How can integrated payment processing help your pet-care business? Here are six ways how an integrated system will transform your business for the better.

5 Ways Pet-Care Software Makes It Easy to Work From Anywhere

Completing administrative tasks for your pet-care business remotely shouldn’t be a hassle. Here’s how pet-care software can help you work from anywhere.

How to Wow Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back: 5 Tips

Impressing your customers doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. Check out these 5 tips to learn how you can keep your customers coming back again and again.


Thriving After the Pandemic: The Dog Retreat and Spa

We love an inspiring story of personal and professional growth, and Ed's journey with The Dog Retreat and Spa is one of the best.

Growing Your Pet-Care Business: 6 Ways to Increase Profits

Increasing profits for your pet-care business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’ve picked our top 6 ways for you to successfully generate more revenue.

How to Choose Pet-Care Software: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

How do you choose the right pet-care software to grow your business sustainably? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to determine your software needs.

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Pet-Care Software

Do you need pet-care software for your business? Here are 5 reasons why investing in software can give you the professional tools that you need to succeed!


Changes to Gingr's SMS Feature

You will need to select a new number by November 2nd, 2021. At this time, any facilities that do not have a new number selected will have one selected for them by the system.

Unlock Your Pet-Care Business’s Potential

Find out how Gingr can help you streamline and grow your business.

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