Dog Grooming Software Essentials

Dog Grooming Software Essentials

Learn about the essentials of dog grooming software.

Dog Daycare Software Essentials

Dog Daycare Software Essentials

Learn about the essentials of dog daycare software if you are starting a dog daycare.

Pet care mobile websites - (5) keys to success in conversions

What’s one of the first things you do when you startup your pet-care business? Setup your website, right?

Sure, but how do you make your website standout and really work for you? How do you ensure that visitors to your website convert to actual customers?

(1) Ensure Your Pet Care Website is Mobile-friendly

Almost 60% of searches in 2018 were on mobile-devices. About 42% of peoples’ time online was on mobile-devices. Mobile-friendly sites are paramount to a positive experience for mobile-based search and customer engagement on your website. There are two ways to have a mobile-friendly website: (1) have separate sites for mobile and desktop browsers. “User-agent detection” routes users on mobile devices to a separate website optimized for mobile. “Since only the mobile-specific content, styles, and scripts are sent to mobile users, this method also provides for the best performance out of any of the other options presented here” (Source).

The drawbacks: you have to maintain two websites, and user-agent detection is not flawless, and requires constant attention to new browsers.

The second approach is to have a responsive design, where your website responds automatically to different user-agents and screen-sizes. Many hosted web-page builders (like SquareSpace-where this blog is hosted) automatically provide responsive sites, which work well across both mobile and desktop.

(2) Have a clear ‘Call To Action’ button(s) readily available to prospective customers.

76% of mobile searches include a visit to a related store/service within a day (Source). Mobile users are likely to move fast on a decision. Make it clear and easy for your prospects to know how to contact you and make and inquiry.

KEY TIP: Ensure your ‘contact us’ or ‘make a reservation’ call-to-action stays ‘high and left’ on your site, so it’s easy for prospects to know exactly how to engage with you right away.

This responsive website maintains the call to action “Start Your Reservation” in the upper-left-hand part of the page for easy viewing on a mobile device.

This responsive website maintains the call to action “Start Your Reservation” in the upper-left-hand part of the page for easy viewing on a mobile device.

(3) Make it easy for your customers to make online inquiries, self-register and make reservation-requests.

Even though mobile-users are on their phone, well, many actually don’t want to talk on the phone (ironic, yes?). Plus, it’s expensive for you to pay your staff to answer the phone all the time and the last thing you want to do is lose a prospect if the line is busy.

Use an effective online lead capture form and online ‘customer portal’ with your software so you never miss an opportunity for a new customer.

This responsive customer-portal embraces the business’ logo and branding, for an easy ‘app’ feel, without needing any native app development.

This responsive customer-portal embraces the business’ logo and branding, for an easy ‘app’ feel, without needing any native app development.

(4) Include educational content.

Whether in blog-posts, faq-sections or detailed informative pages, providing pet-care information helps build trust and sets your business apart as an ‘authority’ on pet-care that your customers can rely on.

There’s a lot on a customer’s mind when they search for a local pet-care company. (Content) helps win over smart shoppers, …and create(s) a relationship … where they can trust you without any sales pitches. - Alain Parcan in 3 Ways to Make Your Pet Care Website Stand Out From The Rest (July/Aug 2019).

For example, Gingr software provides an add-on “Pet Parent Educational Portral”. This library of current articles, written by pet care experts at Lifelearn, provides you with endless content you can share on your website and marketing within your Gingr software.

(5) Include Video Content

About 50% of internet users look for videos relating to a product or service. (Source)

You don’t have to hire a professional video producer (though you can for just about any budget). The point is to have video. Video helps you tell your story in ways that words and pictures never can. Have fun with it, and make it a key part to your mobile-web site.

Fireworks for Gingr's Pet Parent Education Library

You’ve probably heard it this week “my dog is terrified of fireworks, what should I do?”.

May you or your staff offered some consolation, advice, or referred them to their vet’. Or, maybe you scrambled for an article or educational resource for your client.

This is a great example of how you can easily help your customers with pet-care needs using Gingr’s Pet Parent Article Library. This add-on service includes 1000s of pet-care articles for your to easily share with your customers.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 3.29.26 PM.png
Excerpt from an article with  Contributors: Debra Horwitz, DVM, Diplomate ACVB & Gary Landsberg, DVM, Diplomate ACVB    © Copyright 2009 Lifelearn Inc. Used and/or modified with permission under license.

Excerpt from an article with Contributors: Debra Horwitz, DVM, Diplomate ACVB & Gary Landsberg, DVM, Diplomate ACVB

© Copyright 2009 Lifelearn Inc. Used and/or modified with permission under license.

Filter and search by title, species, topic, systems and keywords. You can then ‘unlock’ for easy viewing in your customer-portal, or email directly to a customer, print, or embed in a marketing campaign.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 3.39.28 PM.png

The more you help your customers with their pet’s care, the more they will love your business! Build your brand, increase referrals and help ensure your customers’ pets! Win, Win, Win!

Purchase the add-on right in your app: and select Add-on Subscription . Pet Parent Education Portal - Powered by LifeLearn.

July 4th Support Hours of Operation

The July 4th holiday is upon us. See below for Gingr’s support hours of operation.

Reminder: We are retiring non-EMV credit card swipers on August 1. Click here to upgrade.


  • Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - Normal chat and email hours, 7AM-5PM Mountain

  • Thursday, July 4, 2019 - Normal email support, no chat support. Gingr’s team will be monitoring tickets for urgent issues and still guarantees a 24 hour first response time

  • Friday, July 5, 2019 - Normal chat and email hours, 7AM-5PM Mountain

Streamlining Dog Daycare Check-ins through software and hardware integrations

Streamlining Dog Daycare Check-ins through software and hardware integrations

Learn about use of RFID scanners and bar-codes to streamline dog daycare checkins.

Dog Daycare, Boarding and Grooming - Rewards and Loyalty

We’ve always held that the best way to ensure customer loyalty in a pet-care business is to deliver the best pet-care possible. Customers know superior service and care when they see it. The best customers will stay with the best service available.

That said, many customers want to feel additionally rewarded for their repeat business,

The first step for a dog-daycare, boarding or grooming business is to offer prepaid packages (aka digital ‘punchcards’). Simply, customers pre-pay a discounted rate towards numerous services. This inherently builds and rewards repeat engagement. Modern dog daycare and boarding software like Gingr will provide advanced tools to sell and track package- or punch-card credits.

Yet again, many customers want to feel they are receiving more financial rewards from their repeat business with you. We see this in many industries, from airlines to food-services,

The majority of pet-care businesses we speak with mention the desire to offer rewards/loyalty program. While there are many rewards/loyalty software programs out their, like Five Stars business loyalty software, these programs are not specific to pet-care, don’t integrate well with other software, and simply add more expenses to your loyalty-discounts.

Most pet-care businesses want a simple loyalty-rewards program that works right in their kennel software, without any additional costs.

In response to this, we at Gingr developed a straight-forward rewards tracking program for you to use in your pet-care business - at no extra cost to your dog daycare and dog boarding or grooming business.

This feature allows you to create reward tires and give account credit to owners based on dollars spent at the facility - or across multiple locations.

$1=1 point, and the business will determine their own tier levels

Points are applied to the customer’s account at the time of a transaction (at time of check-out).

You can configure multiple ‘tiers’ of spending-rewards allocation. For example, perhaps you reward a customer with $5 in credit for every $100 they spend, If a customer reaches $500 in spending, perhaps you reward them with $25 in credit.

Business can indicate when points retire if unused.

Staff users can manually add or deduct points fro owner’s profile using the appropriate buttons (with the “Can Manager Rewards Points” user permission.)

Learn more in this video recording of our live webinar

Pet-care owners, here's how to manage payments

You're managing a pet-care business, but you still have a lot of book-keeping to do, you have to staff extra personnel at busy times, you get errors, and you may be missing out on income.


Receiving payments from your customers is perhaps the most important part of your business - it's when you get PAID! Collecting and tracking payments is critical to your success, yet takes up valuable time.

Want to know how to make this part of your pet-care business easier?


In this situation, there are two questions you need to ask:

1. What possibly can make collecting and tracking customer-payments easier?

2. What does the solution cost?


THE ANSWER TO Q#1: run your credit card transactions right through Gingr.

  1. faster check-outs, reducing staffing needs

  2. every payment is linked directly to the customer, pet and invoice, reducing bookkeeping time

  3. zer0 transaction-amount errors - reduces bookkeeping time

  4. online customer-payment options - reduces both staff and accounting time, increases cash-flow

  5. automated payments - reduces both staff and accounting time, increases cash-flow.


THE ANSWER TO Q#2: it will cost you (0) zero dollars.

  1. we pay for your card-reader devices

  2. we pay any cancellation fees

  3. we beat your rates

  4. we provide free training

  5. no long-term contract


Is that enough to make you think, ‘hmmm, I could be saving money and making more money AND providing better service’….?


There is a better way! You can start HERE

or contact for additional questions.

*Time is limited! Free devices and cancellation fee offer will expire!

Avoiding Dog-Fights in Dog Daycare and Playgroups

Avoiding Dog-Fights in Dog Daycare and Playgroups

Managing the risk of fights in dog daycare playgroups will help ensure the health and safety of pets and that of your business.

Caring for Puppies in Dog Daycare - A Guide For Dog Daycares

Caring for Puppies in Dog Daycare - A Guide For Dog Daycares

Learn about best practices for puppy care in dog daycare.

Evaluating Pet Behavior and Temperament with Dog Daycare Clients: A guide for pet care employees.

Evaluating Pet Behavior and Temperament with Dog Daycare Clients: A guide for pet care employees.

Pet care businesses need to assess the behavioral traits of a new pet coming into their business. This article identifies topics to address with the pet owner, and tools to record and communicate about pet behavior in boarding, daycare and grooming businesses.

10 Pet Care Business Marketing Ideas That Will Get You More Customers

This is a guest blog written by our friends at

Pet ownership continues to grow, and based on a Forbes report, millennials are leading the pack. With this growing demand also comes more competitors. Whether you own a dog daycare, boarding kennel, pet store or pet grooming salon, it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd.

Most consumers use the internet to find, research, and hire a service. Your online presence and reputation matter, so where do you start? In this guide, we're going to provide you with several marketing ideas that can help you grow your business.

Build Your Online Presence

The power of the internet to grow your business cannot be ignored – you need a responsive, mobile-friendly website that can serve as an online office for your business. Your website helps your potential customers find your services amongst a sea of competitors (via SEO indexing). A good website also is a valuable resource for existing customers to interface with your pet care brand.

1) Create A Professional Website

Just like having a quality outdoor sign or storefront, having a well designed website for your business can help you look professional for your customers. A website is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer the most common questions potential customers will have that will save time for both of you.

2) Create A Blog & Social Media Profiles

Having a blog and social media profiles has several benefits for your business. Both of these mediums allows you to connect directly with your customers.

The blog posts allow you to go in depth on specific topics. For example: 5 Dog Behavior Tips for Kennel Technicians and Dog-Daycare Attendants is a blog we created to help increase traffic to Blog posts that relate to key searches for pet-care, pet health and related topics end up ranking and gaining new visitors to your site.

Leverage your social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that your customers can be reminded of your business in their feeds, which can help lead to repeat visits. With these social profiles you can also chat directly with your customers to answer questions, resolve concerns, or help an unhappy customer.

Local Search Results

3) Optimize For Local SEO

pet care business seo listings.png

For most pet care companies it's not about how your company ranks for global terms (dog kennel or pet store), but rather how your rank for terms in your city (‘dog kennel Chicago’ or ‘Seattle dog grooming’. For this reason, it's absolutely essential that you optimize your business to rank for the city that your stores are located in.

A big problem that a lot of businesses run into is inaccuracies in their NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). If you have a business name on Yelp and a different name on Yellow Pages it can confuse Google and end up decreasing your rankings.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a whole other topic-area. Learn more: here is a great guide to get you started.

Referrals & Partnerships

4) Set Up A Referral System

There's a reason why referrals are often become the best customers. Why because people trust their friends who refer them. You can build online and social referral program by asking customers for feedback on your company. Those that leave a positive review then you can request to share that feedback online, where their friends and others can see it. If someone has negative feedback you want to handle that offline first to hopefully turn them into a happy customer that gives you a positive review online..

pet care business marketing reviews.png


Getting feedback from your customers is a great way to get to know them better and make sure that you are meeting their needs. One of the best ways to get feedback is to simply ask, but how do you go about getting reviews? Here are three ways to do it.

5) Learn How to Ask

You can quickly start gaining feedback from current customers by asking them for their feedback. A request can easily be printed on a receipt or ask online after the checkout process. You may feel like asking is too forward, but seven out of 10 customers who are asked will write a review for your business.

6) Get Creative When Asking

There are a number of ways that you can ask a customer for feedback without being too aggressive. Use your software’s survey features to followup automatically. Additional programs like Broadly will help you reach out via text and email, and make it easy for your customers to write positive reviews and get them posted in the right places.

7) Learn What Doesn't Work

As we’ve discussed, getting online reviews can greatly improve your business, but getting them in the wrong way can actually lead to getting a penalty. Some things to avoid when asking for reviews include:

  • Buying fake reviews that are not actually from customers.

  • Bribing customers to leave a positive reviews.

  • Spamming your customers with review requests.

All of these may seem like good ideas, but they are not going to provide true reviews for your business. Google & Yelp are getting better and catching these fake or forced reviews and penalizing the company by removing them from their platform. Also potential customers are likely to see through these reviews and go to another business for their pet care needs.

Read more about getting online reviews from our friends at Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine HERE

Paid Advertising

There are two ways to show up online, by organically showing up using SEO tactics, or by paying for advertisements. Investing time and energy into SEO (as we discussed above) will help you in the long run. Paid advertisements can help you get noticed right away, but efforts will disappear as soon as you stop paying for them. If you have extra budget to spend on marketing, paid advertising can be a great way to rank quickly on several platforms and grow your online presence.

8) Utilize Facebook Ads

Facebook is a popular place for animal lovers,  so you can target your audience specifically with various types of Facebook ads including video, image or carousel ads (using multiple images). Use these ads for branding or even for lead generation, by adding a form directly into the ad! Different from Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads can target people based on age, income, and interests which can be extremely powerful.

9) Try Google Ads

This is a great way to take advantage of the popularity of Google, which handles over 70% of all internet searches. Google Ads will pop up when someone searches for pet care services. These ads are generated based on keywords and can be filtered to only show when people search who live around your location.

pet grooming google ads.png

10) Improve Traffic with Retargeting Ads

This is a method that can be useful when someone comes to your website but did not actually sign up for your services. Through the power of cookies, you can target that site visitor with advertisements whenever they visit other websites too! These are called Retargeting Ads because you are targeting people who have already visited your site, which makes them more likely to purchase from you.  


We hope this guide has given you some ideas on ways to better market your company. If you have some more tips please let us know them in the comments and if you need help managing your pet business and easy marketing, check out GingrApp’s software.

5 Dog Behavior Tips for Kennel Technicians and Dog-Daycare Attendants

Guest-article written by John Woods, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and editor

at All Things Dogs.

5 Dog Behavior Tips for Kennel Technicians and Dog-Daycare Attendants

Being in a new, or different, environment can often be a source of worry for us humans, never mind dogs. Being in day care or a kennel setting can be exciting for some dogs, for others it can be their worst nightmare.

But how do we know? Dogs don’t speak! We watch them closely! It’s a dog’s behavior and body language which lets us know.

Here I have put together my top 5 top tips for kennel technicians when working with dogs.

The Approach

Most of you will have heard of the age-old way to approach dogs.  You should approach at a slow walking page without making any overly loud sounds and put your hand out for Fido to smell (it’s often modified to an open palm). Depending upon how the dog is feeling will depend on their response:

  • If Fido is feeling stressed enough to not engage with you, he will already be on high alert. He could see your hand as a threat. If he doesn’t attempt to nip at you, he will at least retreat even further away from you.

  • Dogs who are happy and excited will have likely already jumped all over you or at least engaged with you in some way.

  • If you have a nervous dog who doesn’t want to engage, that’s fine too. Ignore him. Be calm in the same area. You may want to throw some treats on the floor around you to entice him. Allow him to come to you. It really is that simple. Once he’s figured out, you’re actually OK, he’ll probably never leave your side.

Watch Their Body Language

Another great tip for kennel workers is to understand some basic dog body language. Dog’s can’t speak, but they do tell us how they’re feeling. We just need to watch their body language:

  • A stiff body with a rigid tail – he’s highly aroused at something.  This may not end well. He needs to be removed from the situation until he’s calmer.

  • Soft, relaxed and fluid movements – he’s pretty chilled out and happy with the situation.

  • Panting excessively - unless he’s just been running around outside, he’s stressed. He needs to be removed from the situation so he can calm down.

  • Excessive yawing is a sign of stress too.

  • Snarling or “smiling” is a fear response; whatever is happening needs to stop

Ideally, you want dogs to be soft in body, soft eyes, wagging tails and have fluid movement. Any tentative movements like skulking tell you something isn’t right.

Learning about dog body language is your best skill in avoiding any potential disasters.

Dog Behaviors

Not only is their body language a true give away, so is their behavior.

Is a dog spending a large amount of time retreating or hiding away by isolating themselves?  They are likely stressed or fearful!

Whilst working with dogs, consider strategies for reducing their stress like thunder jackets, creating a safe space for them or the use of pheromone diffusers in the environment.

On the other side of this scale, you should also be mindful of that super-aroused dog. He may be running around. Now many dog breeds are high energy, the poodle for example, but, in this situation, the dog would seem even more aroused than usual. Their stress levels are high, and they just don’t know what to do with themselves. In this situation, you could introduce some brain games and work on impulse control in a calm environment in an attempt to bring their arousal levels back down.

Interestingly, this is a common response to jealousy, and as a kennel technician, you will be sharing your attention between many dogs.

Watch for Signs of Illness

Working across many kennels and dogs, along with avoiding potential disastrous interactions between dogs, you need to ensure that all dogs on your premises are healthy – for their own benefit and for infection control.

You will soon know the energy levels of the dogs in your care, watch for signs of lethargy or fatigue.  

Monitor how much they are drinking. Also, watch them when they are toileting. Are they urinating more than usual? Is it normal in color? How are their stools?

You should have an infection control procedure in place which would advise appropriate steps to take in this instance.  But your first action should always be to isolate the sick dog until you establish what to do next.

Classifying Dog Behavior

In general, when we are observing abnormal behavior in dogs, it can be helpful to classify the behavior, so we know what we’re dealing with and how much risk is posed to themselves and others. There are three main categories I use when assessing a dog’s behavior:


Associated Behavior


Fear, play, inter-dog and predatory

Barking, snarling, lunging, biting, nipping, growling and body rigidity.

Stimulus reactivity

Lunging and barking

Separation related

Pining, whining, barking, crying, urinating, defecating, chewing, digging

Remember, the aim of any kennel technician or daycare attendant is to keep the dogs in their care, safe and healthy. I hope my 5 tips will help you do that.

Article written by John Woods a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and editor at All Things Dogs.

Dog daycare attendant observing dog behavior

Dog daycare attendant observing dog behavior

Kennel technician worker.jpg

Top Pet-Care Industry Trends for 2019

The pet-care industry - whether dog boarding kennels, dog daycare, dog grooming or dog training - continues to grow by, well, leaps and bounds. With that growth comes some important trends to consider when planning for pet-care business in 2019.

Pet Care Professional Development and Certification

Perhaps the most significant trend in pet-care services continues to be the growth of professional development opportunities for pet-care staff and professionals. The Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) continues to grow in relevance and impact within the pet-care industry, providing pet-care businesses and professionals with opportunities for certification and the ability to provide the best pet-care services possible. This enables professionals to develop their careers, and businesses to elevate their reputation and manage risk.

Led by some of the pet-care industry’s top business leaders and consultants, PACCC has developed a rigorous certification program, with 100s of professionals already certified.

Learn more about PACCC: and at

Pet-care oriented trade-shows, conferences and expos will continue to grow as well, providing meaningful in-person professional development and opportunities to meet with the industry’s most engaged vendors like Gingr!

Top pet-care business conferences and trade-shows in 2019:

Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo West (Burbank, PA):

IBPSA Conference (Palm Springs, CA)

Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo (Hershey, PA):

Technology, Technology, Technology

Streamlining operations with online customer self-registration and bookings with continue to grow in importance. Mobile-friendly websites and online customer-booking portals are a must, as smart-phones continue to be the dominant device for logging into the internet. Customizing and branding these online experiences will help set pet-care businesses apart from their competition.

As mega-pet-care ‘gig’ service websites like Rover and Wags continue to invest in marketing to pet owners, dog daycares, boarding kennels and grooming businesses need to stay relevant and competitive by making it easy for customers to communicate and reserve online.

Operational software will also continue to help pet-care businesses make it easier for employees to do their job well, while business owners can get out or ‘running the business’ and focus more on building the business.

The industry’s top software company, Gingr, will continue to develop and release new features and functions that help pet-care businesses scale, compete efficiently and provide the best pet-care possible. Look to Gingr for some amazing new technology in 2019!

Dog Training Business Continues to Grow

While dog daycare and boarding facilities have seen a steady growth over the years, dog-training businesses are growing and starting up in most markets. Trainers and owners of training-centric businesses will need to streamline their services and operations more to make it easier for pet-owners to make the decision and get their pets into training services.

Dog-training businesses will also need to look to ways to efficiently scale operations to achieve financial stability. These professionals may look to the dog daycare model to help scale their business with ‘day-camps’ to help dogs while their owners are at work. and build out more ‘Board-and-Train’ oriented facilities.

Professional dog training associations include and

To your wild success in 2019!

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  • Wednesday, January 2nd — Regular support hours 7am-5pm MST for Live Chat and Email

We appreciate your understanding and wish you the best during this holiday season!

What Matters in Pet-Care Industry Trends

Starting a new dog daycare business? A new dog grooming salon? Expanding into a larger dog boarding kennel facility?

Keeping up on important pet-care industry trends helps keep you up-to-date on best practices and competitive in a busy pet-care market.

Carmen Rustenbeck of IBPSA delivered a deep look at what matters in pet-care in her recent article on The State of the Pet Care Services Industry.

To themes and trends noted:

Reputation Matters

As Rustenback comments, “…technology-based marketing companies have been able to sell the consumer the idea that boarding has very negative connotations and any caring pet parent would not put their pet in a “cage” (ibid).

Facility-based pet-care businesses need to attend to the reputation not only of their facility, but other facilities as well, so that the tide of all pet-care facilities rises above the ‘ubers’ of pet-care like Rover and DogVacay.

“We started realizing that if we – who have no real experience – can do this, then pretty much anyone can”. - Aaron Hirschhorn, founder of DogVacay.

Hirschhorn’s comments above provide a simple benchmark that pet-care facilities can ensure to stay competitive: a reputation for experience and professional training in pet-care facilities.

Learn about online reputation management for pet-care in this video:

Association Matters

Advocacy, training, 3rd-party certification. Participation in pet-care associations helps ensure your business rises, and the industry as a whole rises as well. Join the International Boarding and Pet Services Association HERE and get engaged!

Education & Certification Matters

Educating yourself and your staff in ‘best practices’ of dog daycare and boarding operations helps you manage risk, increase employee satisfaction and reduces turnover - and helps you win customers-for-life.

Certifications help your employees develop themselves as industry professionals, elevating their job-satisfaction, pay, and elevating the businesses they work for. Pet care staff and facility certification will play a growing role in the pet-care industry in 2019.

Learn more about these important pet-care services trends at

New Pet-care Software Features Release!

We continue to make Gingr the most modern and feature-rich pet-care software, serving boarding, doggie daycare and grooming pet-care businesses of all sizes. We’ve hired more developers this year (all U.S.A.-based), and the results are showing! Gingr continues to lead in online pet bookings, operations management and point-of-sale for pet-care businesses.

On the heals of major features released in September 29, 2018, our feature release on Dec 1, 2018 is perhaps one of our biggest releases, hitting many important aspects and feedback from our customers. This includes meaningful user-interface upgrades, mobile card-processing features, online retail-functions, and an Employee Scheduling add-on module.

Here are some highlights:

Re-designed the Owners and Pet Details Page - we’ve re-built the owner, animal, & reservation details pages from scratch! This new interface provides powerful customization. For example, you can create a “groomer”, “receptionist” and “owner” view which will allow you to bring relevant information to the forefront for that type of employee’s work.

Re-designed View All Owners, Animals & Reservation Pages - We’ve re-built these pages as well as created a new View All Reservations page. These pages are more powerful than ever before — allowing you to filter down all of your data to find exactly what you’re looking, including custom-fields.

Re-designed Specialist (groomer, bather, trainer, driver…) Scheduling - Based on feedback that we’ve received over the years, we’ve re-designed the Specialist scheduler to make it super easy to manage complex specialist schedules.

  • The specialist scheduler is now in a calendar format (similar to the lodging calendar),

    which makes it much easier to see your specialists’ availability at a glance.

  • You can manage multiple service specialties at once (goodbye having to edit each service schedule individually!)

  • You can drag-n-drop schedules around the page.

  • You can more easily configure complex recurring schedules.

Ready to learn more? Contact our customer-consultants HERE

WOW! and there’s MORE!

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.13.59 PM.png

Pet-Care Staff SCHEDULER - Say goodbye to paper-calendars, google-docs and 3rd-party apps like ‘When To Work’. Gingr now has a fully integrated staff scheduling module. This can be added to any Gingr subscription-tier.

  • You can create recurring schedules for employees.

  • You can assign an employee’s shift to a “team”—this allows you to create teams like “Reception”, “Yard” and “Cleaning” and view your weekly schedule based on how you want to categorize your schedule.

  • Once a weekly schedule has been “published”, an email/sms will be sent to all employees with shifts for that week containing their schedule info.

  • Employees have their own page in Gingr where they can see their weekly schedule.

Online Customer-Portal Purchasing - we’ve added two new online purchase functions:

  • Customers can purchase retail items online for in-store pickup.

  • Customers can purchase recurring package-subscriptions and memberships.

Mobile-payments - available with our integrated card-processing, we now have a wireless hand-held mobile device to collect card swipes/dips! Our customers who are doing ‘curbside’ service are loving it! Learn more HERE

Loving it yet? Contact our customer-consultants HERE

But wait, there’s mooooooore:

Waitlist Function Upgrades - We have improved the functionality of the waitlist to allow you to better understand where your waitlisted reservations stand and if you have capacity to accept them.

New Location-Owner Rates - We’ve improved the way that Gingr handles location and owner rates to make it easier to change your prices.

Re-designed Hours of Operation Administration Page - you can now manage your hours of operation easily and without worrying about messing anything up.

Lodging Manager updates - We have improved the interface of the lodging manager page to allow you to more easily add, remove, and edit lodgings and areas from the Admin page. Now, you can bulk create lodgings and assign them to specific reservation types with ease!

Custom Icons Upgrade - We’ve upgraded Gingr to use FontAwesome Version 5. This brings almost 1,000 brand new icons that can be used in Gingr! To enable these pro/paid icons, you can purchase a license directly from Font Awesome ( for $60/year.

Full Search on Mobile - To enhance your experience in Gingr when using a mobile device, search on mobile has been changed to auto-populate results when searching for owners and pets (rather than having to click search to view your results). This will give you a more streamlined Desktop-to-Mobile experience.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.17.24 PM.png

Time Clock - We have improved the time clock functionality to allow for image captures when clocking in and out on mobile devices. We have also increased performance so that you can clock in and out more quickly than before and know exactly where you’re at in the process.

New Pricing Rule - We’ve added an Animal Species pricing rule type to help you make even more complex pricing strategies for your business. Another example of Gingr’s capacities in customizing complex pricing!

Ready to learn more? Contact our customer-consultants HERE

Mobile Friendly Credit Card Terminals Have Arrived!


A New WiFi Equipped, Mobile Ready Credit Card Terminal Has Arrived!

Gingr now supports the Ingenico iSMP4 ( This terminal is perfect for curbside check out, mobile groomers, and anyone who wants more mobility when collecting payments.

Check out the video!:

The price is $435 to purchase outright or $25/month to lease from CardConnect.


☑ EMV (chip card) ready
☑ Connects over WiFi
☑ Long lasting rechargeable battery
☑ Integrated 8" tablet + CC terminal case accessory (sold separately)
☑ Belt holster accessory (sold separately)
☑ Shoulder strap accessory (sold separately)

Want to order now? Awesome! Use the form embedded below to place your order.

Have any questions? We're here to help! Reach out to with any questions you may have.

Thanksgiving Holiday Support Hours

To allow our team to spend time with their families over the coming Thanksgiving holiday, support hours will be abbreviated as follows:

Tuesday, November 20th — Regular support hours 7am-5pm MST for Live Chat and Email

Wednesday, November 21st — Regular support hours 7am-5pm MST for Live Chat and Email

Thursday, November 22nd — No Live Chat support, Normal Email Support

Friday, November 23rd — No Live Chat support, Normal Email Support

We appreciate your understanding and wish you the best during this holiday season!

The Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo East 2018 is almost here!

The Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo in Hershey, PA is coming up! Hosted by Barkleigh Productions, this is one of the top pet care conferences and expos for dog daycare, boarding kennels and grooming businesses.

Starting with a Keynote presentation on the “Guiding Principles for Success in Today’s Pet Care Industry”, this pet care conference hosts educational sessions, networking events and a robust trade-show / expo.

The Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo East 2018 schedule is HERE

Not registered yet? Register for the 2018 East Pet Boarding Expo HERE. You can sign up for one of the inclusive Packages, or select ‘a la carte’ for any tradeshow day or educational session.

See the Exhibitor List HERE and be sure to find Gingr' at Booth #6!

Complete information about the event can be found at and at

We look forward to seeing you there!