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10 Pet Care Business Marketing Ideas That Will Get You More Customers

This is a guest blog written by our friends at

Top Pet-Care Industry Trends for 2019

The pet-care industry - whether dog boarding kennels, dog daycare, dog grooming or dog training - continues to grow by, well, leaps and bounds. With that growth comes some important trends to consider when planning for pet-care business in 2019.

Webcams in Dog Kennels

A growing number of pet care facilities are providing webcam access to their customers.  While many business choose not to allow their customers to 'plug in' to their pet's day with a 'big brother'-type of service, webcams can provide a variety of benefits to your business.

Disaster Planning for Dog Daycare and Boarding Businesses

With the haze from western wildfires so thick here in Boulder this week (we can't even see the Rocky Mountains) and cleanup in Texas and LA after Hurricane Harvey—it's hard not to think of disaster preparedness for your pet care business. Today's news reveals that natural disasters can happen pretty much anywhere, so it pays to make plans regardless of your geography.

Avoiding Dog-Fights in Dog Daycare and Playgroups

This blog contains content from the 2018 Pet Boarding and Daycare magazine article “From Pack to Playgroup: 6 Tips for Fight-Free Daycare”.

Top Dog Daycare and Boarding Industry Trends for 2018

Thriving in a competitive pet-care market requires you to stay on-top and ahead of the key trends in professional pet-care. Help ensure your professional and business' success by anticipating and acting on important trends in dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training industry.

Streamlining Dog Daycare Check-ins Through Software and Hardware Integrations

Any busy dog daycare business has that ‘rush’ of check-ins in the morning: 15-30 minutes of high-paced customer interactions, with customers showing up (on their way to work), dropping off their pets and rushing back out.

Dog Grooming Software Essentials

The best dog grooming software programs will give you the essential features to help you operate your dog grooming business. These features include grooming pet and client management, online scheduling options, point of sale card processing, appointment cards for your groomers to read and take notes, and easy rebooking tools. Here’s a quick look at what our customers identify as the essential features: ESSENTIAL FEATURES FOR DOG GROOMING SOFTWARE


Dog Daycare Software: 8 Essentials for 2021

The best dog daycare software software is packed with features to help you operate your dog daycare business. At Gingr, our focus is you, the dog daycare business owner. That's why we offer the best user-friendly dog daycare software that make running your pet care business easier. With automation, customization, and personalization, Gingr simplifies your daily tasks while improving your staff and customer experience.

Your Dog Business' Competitive Advantage

With new dog daycare and pet boarding businesses starting everyday, the industry is growing and well, getting more competitive. That's a good thing.  Competition gets us to 'raise the bar' and get better at what we do. Further, competition in a healthy market can actually increase your business and increase the value of it.

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