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Paycheck Protection Program Info

Gingr customers: If you're interested in the government's Paycheck Protection Program, keep reading!

Temperament Tests for Dog Daycare

Among the best practices for dog daycare management, temperament testing (aka 'behavior evaluation') is a critical aspect of helping to ensure the success and safety of your business' dog daycare services.

Accepting Tips in Your Dog Daycare and Boarding Business

There's a lot of debate among our kennel software users regarding the acceptance of tips when customers are paying for services.


10 Pet Care Business Marketing Ideas That Will Get You More Customers

This is a guest blog written by our friends at

Top Pet-Care Industry Trends for 2019

The pet-care industry - whether dog boarding kennels, dog daycare, dog grooming or dog training - continues to grow by, well, leaps and bounds. With that growth comes some important trends to consider when planning for pet-care business in 2019.

Webcams in Dog Kennels

A growing number of pet care facilities are providing webcam access to their customers.  While many business choose not to allow their customers to 'plug in' to their pet's day with a 'big brother'-type of service, webcams can provide a variety of benefits to your business.

Disaster Planning for Dog Daycare and Boarding Businesses

With the haze from western wildfires so thick here in Boulder this week (we can't even see the Rocky Mountains) and cleanup in Texas and LA after Hurricane Harvey—it's hard not to think of disaster preparedness for your pet care business. Today's news reveals that natural disasters can happen pretty much anywhere, so it pays to make plans regardless of your geography.

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