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From Dog Daycare 'Attendant' to 'Certified Professional Animal Care Provider'

If you are a provider of pet-care services, and have any intent to make pet-care a career - even if just for a few years - then put professional pet-care certification on the top of your list of things to do.

Is your website https:// secure?

Data security is important to your pet care business' customers. While online forms are a great tool to collect registration and reservation information about your pet care business' customers and their pets, protecting the information gathered on these forms is increasingly important.

Best in Show of Dog Myths

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?    Do dogs eat grass only when they are sick?

Fireworks for Gingr's Pet Parent Education Library

You’ve probably heard it this week “my dog is terrified of fireworks, what should I do?”.

Who Benefits from Complicated Pricing Models?

Pricing strategy is the lifeblood of your company’s revenue.  Customers who easily understand your pricing are more likely to spend more money at your facility and those businesses who continue to offer tons of discounts will get left behind.

Gingr + iDogCam = Amazing, Integrated Webcams

A couple weeks ago we wrote a blog post discussing the pros, cons and costs of adding webcams to a pet care facility. During that time, Gingr's development team was working hard to integrate with a turnkey solution provided by iDogCam.

How Online Reservations Can Save Your Summer

For most dog boarding and kennel businesses, summer is peak season. This is the time to maximize your revenue - without maximizing your time on the phone or email or duplicating data entry. 

Why We Do What We Do

The pet services industry is changing.  For many years, pet facilities served only as places for pet parents to drop off their pets while they went on vacation.  Today, pets are doing yoga, taking hydrotherapy classes, and participating in all forms of socialization and competitions, such as dock diving, agility training, and more. 

Log In With Yubikeys!

Starting tomorrow, Gingr users will be able to log in with a Yubikey. Say goodbye to usernames and passwords!

Preparing for Spring Break

Here it comes, spring break season!

Unlock Your Pet-Care Business’s Potential:

Find out how Gingr will help you streamline and grow your business—so you can Do More of What you Love.

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