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Gingr’s boarding software can save your pet care business time and money.

All-in-One Dog Boarding Software Solution You Can Rely On

Gingr can help you manage your boarding resort with ease and accuracy, from online bookings to payments and everything in between. With our comprehensive, cloud-based boarding software, you can track every detail and streamline your workflows. Simplify client communications, automate billing, and make it fast and easy to process payments. Our intuitive system is convenient and time-saving for you, your staff, and your customers—creating a better experience for all.

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The dashboard in our boarding software keeps key information and actions available at all times.
Gingr’s clean, informative dashboard puts key details and actions at your fingertips. With just a glance, see which pets are coming and going each day, as well as what add-on services they need. Quick check-in and checkout processes facilitate easy and accurate information gathering, invoicing, and payment collection.
Intuitive, powerful calendar management capabilities are a key component of our boarding software.
Gingr’s boarding software lodging calendar makes it simple to manage your kennels. Organize each day with just a few quicks. Easily drag and drop pets into new kennels or check when a pet’s stay is beginning or ending in the calendar. You can quickly view vacancies and occupancy statistics to ensure that you maximize your capacity.
Gingr’s customer portal makes it easy for customers to interact with your boarding software.
Customer Portal
With Gingr, you can create a more convenient online experience for your customers. Our booking portal works as intuitively as an app—without the need to download. Link from your website and social media, so new customers can easily self-register and request their first evaluation, reservation, or appointment. Pet owners can upload vaccination records, purchase package credits, and pay invoices or deposits.
Communicate with clients within Gingr’s boarding software.
Handle client communication right from your boarding software. Gingr automates email and SMS vaccination reminders, confirmations, and booking reminders, saving you hours of busywork. With advanced message customization, your communication with customers is smooth and easy. Optional two-way SMS texting helps streamline communications even further.
Manage your employees effectively with Gingr’s dog boarding software.
Employee Management
Gingr makes it easy to handle your entire pet care business, including your employees. Our powerful employee management tools include a time clock, user permissions, notifications/notices, daily team checklists, individual to-do lists, scheduling, and tracking of tips and commissions.
Gingr’s boarding software can make you an expert marketer in minutes.
Gingr’s marketing tools enable you to send email and SMS campaigns over a cup of coffee. Automatic segmentation filters, custom HTML templates, and campaign scheduling make you an expert marketer in minutes.

See How Gingr’s Pet Boarding Software Works for You

Every dog boarding kennel and resort is a little different. Gingr offers endless paws-abilities for improving your unique facility. The streamlined, customizable features allow you to create operational workflows that work well for you and your team. The user-friendly program multitasks for you, provides key reminders, and gives your staff access to real-time information to keep everyone on the same page.

With Gingr, you can stop worrying about software and administrative headaches, and get back to spending time with the animals. Check out this video to learn more about how Gingr is improving the lives of pet care professionals in facilities across the country.

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Team Gingr Supports Your Team Through Implementation and Beyond

Gingr will help your team get up and running with your new boarding software.

Onboarding Support

Our onboarding specialists help you implement your new kennel software faster than you can say, “Good boy.” Our setup guides, videos, and one-on-one meetings help you unlock the time-saving benefits of Gingr.

Once you’ve implemented your boarding software, the Gingr team is still here to help.

Ongoing Support

Once the software is implemented, the Gingr team is still here to help your boarding facility run smoothly. Your team can continue to learn more, adjust settings, and implement powerful new features as they are released. Our support team and knowledge base will always help you stay up to date with the latest ways to manage your kennel occupants and staff.

Gingr’s support team will monitor your boarding software 24/7, 365 days a year.

System Monitoring and Security

The only downtime your kennel should have to deal with is your customers’ vacation schedules. Gingr’s developers and database team monitor your app’s performance 24/7, 365 days a year so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered. We measure page loads by the millisecond and deliver the highest security and uptime of any dog boarding software on the market.

Unlock Your Pet-Care Business Potential

Find out how Gingr will help you streamline and grow your business so you can Do More of What you Love.

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