Dog daycares, boarding kennels and grooming businesses need a steady stream of new customers.  Customer loss is inevitable - through no fault of yours - due to clients moving, pets aging or passing on, and new competition.

Additionally, your costs are constantly going up due to increases in payroll costs, increases in utilities and ongoing maintenance of your facility.

Customers are sensitive to any significant price increases, so the best way to ensure the long-term health of your dog daycare, boarding kennel or grooming business is to ensure that you have a steady stream of new customers coming in to buy your services.


As Laura Laaman of Outstanding PetCare notes, "you are (likely) not appreciating how much your market is being attacked" (Source)

Laaman continues in her article in Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine:

" pet parents have an abundance of choices. With the advent of such services as and, pet care is only a few clicks away. Additionally, large chains, as well as the pet parent’s family and friends, are silently stealing your prospective and existing clients."

Leverage your inherent competitive advantages as a facility-based pet-care provider. Provide what no 'for hire' pet-walking apps like 'Wag' can provide (great, professional onsite care), while embracing the use of modern technology and industry innovations that will further enhance the value of your services.


Ensure you are gaining and retaining new customers steadily by providing them with a 21st-century service experience that today's customers expect. Use modern operational and marketing tools to ensure today's pet-owners (many of whom are very tech-oriented) find it easy to do business with you.

This includes:

  • great online experiences like online self-registration,

  • easy online booking,

  • photo and video sharing,

  • regular marketing outreach,

  • additional value-added services (web-cams, educational materials) and experiences to retain your new customers.

Gingr software, for example, provides all of the above features and integrations to help you gain and retain customers, so that you stay ahead of any inevitable losses.

Learn How Modern Software Can Help in this 3-Minute Video


Ensure your online reputation is positive and current:

  • ensure your business information is accurately represented on key business listing sites, maps, etc.

  • ensure your online reputation is always at its best, with current positive reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google.

Here are some resources on how to get reviews:

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