As a dog daycare or grooming business owner, you have enough going on every day. You start your morning by greeting customers as they drop off their furry friends for the day. As more customers begin to filter in and out, you spend the afternoon working with employees and watching over the pets in your care. You finish off the day by checking out your last customers, sending home your employees, and cleaning up your facility.

With your busy schedule, it’s no wonder that marketing your business might often take a backseat to these more pressing concerns. After all, you’re watching over man’s best friend — that’s a pretty important job.

But marketing your business is essential to grow your profits and establish yourself as a staple of the pet world in your community. If you’re looking to ramp up your marketing efforts, Gingr’s marketing tools might be perfect for you. We’re committed to designing software that’s user-friendly, effective, and organized for dedicated pet-care professionals like you.

Connect with customers using Gingr’s marketing tools

Your relationships with customers are extremely important. Not only do you want to keep customers engaged so that you can grow your business, but because you’re also taking care of their favorite pets, it’s essential that you’re able to easily contact them.

Fortunately, Gingr’s pet business software allows you to access a full suite of built-in email and SMS marketing tools. Using Gingr’s marketing features, you can:

  • Segment customers into groups based on shared characteristics: By categorizing your customers into unique groups, you can be sure you’re only sending the most relevant information that will likely lead to the most engagement. For example, you could create a group for disengaged customers to remind them of your services.
  • Send updates and reminders so no one misses an appointment: Do you have a customer who always seems to miss their appointment? Gingr’s marketing tools give you the option to send reminders, which can help maintain the loyalty of your current customers and ensure that they don’t forget appointments. Customers also appreciate this attention to detail because it shows you value their business.
  • Use custom email templates to engage clients: With concise and effective email communications, you can send important updates about your business directly to your customers. Not sure where to start? This video can show you what the perfect email might look like.
  • Contact customers on their mobile devices: Did you know that 77% of Americans own a smartphone? Nowadays, connecting with your customers through their phones is a great way to stay in touch. Gingr’s SMS marketing feature allows you to send mass messages to alert customers to discounts, deals, and facility updates, all of which will ensure that your marketing is keeping up with an increasingly digital world.

Gingr’s marketing tools make it easy for you to continue promoting your business without sacrificing half of your day. Now, you can fit marketing into your daily routine while still leaving enough time to do what you love.

Explore Gingr’s best-in-show pet business software

Gingr’s technology does more than just help market your business. Have you been looking for an organized way to keep track of each pet’s toys? The ability to easily check-in and check out your customers? Give your customers a quick way to engage with you? 

We think that all of these features are dog daycare software essentials, and so we’ve equipped Gingr with these capabilities and more. Some of Gingr’s features include: 

  • Track key customer and pet information: With all of the pets coming in and out of your facility, it’s easy to lose track of vaccinations, health needs, pet temperament, and more. But Gingr makes it easy for you to stay organized. You and your employees can mix and match different icons for each pet, so it’s easy to identify what each pet needs.
  • Customer portal: Gingr’s customer portal allows your customers to pay bills, sign forms, make appointments, and communicate with you, all in one convenient place.
  • Easy check-in and check-out: The faster your check-in/check-out process is, the better. Gingr highlights a customer’s payment total and any relevant health or behavior details so you can tell your customer exactly what they need to know. Customers will appreciate the quick turnaround and you won’t have to waste time trying to find a payment total or scheduling the next appointment. 
  • Recurring reservations: Have a loyal customer? Gingr can help you set up recurring appointments quickly and easily. Plus, you could set up a rewards system that offers discounts to customers after a certain number of visits.
  • Pet updates: Customers want to know what’s going on with their pets. With Gingr, you can send updates throughout the day so that customers know their pets are in good hands.

Each of these features allows you to streamline your interactions with customers and run your pet-care business more productively. And a bonus? This efficiency can all play into your marketing strategy — by providing an easy and convenient experience for clients, you can boost customer acquisition and retention. 

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With all of the pets in your care, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about marketing your business, scheduling appointments, or keeping track of check-ins and check-outs. Gingr’s technology is designed for you, and managing your business has never been easier. 

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