Like the software you choose for your dog daycare, grooming or boarding facility, flooring is where you really want to put your best foot (or paw) forward. Great pet care software streamlines your operations - great flooring is the foundation to streamlining likely the biggest maintenance aspect of your business.

We caught IBPSA's recent article on flooring for pet care facilities this month, and want to share some of the great information shared there by Jeff Adney of PermaTek coatings.

(Andy's little known fact: he sold commercial flooring in a previous job).

Primary considerations for the right flooring solution include:

  1. Cleanliness and disease-control,
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Minimizing maintenance periods,
  4. Safety, including slip-resistance,
  5. Life-time costs (installation plus maintenance).

Types of Flooring for Pet Care

There are several floor-finishes suitable for dog daycare, boarding and grooming businesses:

  1. Sealed Concrete - low upfront cost, opportunity for DIY
  2. Polished Concrete - perceived low-maintenance often a misnomer
  3. Resinous Coatings - can provide a seamless, non-porous finish, up the wall cove as well
  4. Seamless Rubber Coatings - provide benefits to staff and pets, including noise reduction, impact reduction, slip resistance and ease of maintenance
  5. Artificial Grass  - popular for daycare and play-areas, these products will require proper sub-floor preparation and adequate ventilation

Disease-control, aesthetics, ongoing maintenance, safety and comfort are all important considerations when selecting flooring solutions for your pet care facility. Of course, cost is important as well, especially on-going maintenance costs.  Be sure to consult with several commercial flooring professionals when selecting your pet business' flooring products.

Some resources:

Commercial Flooring Contractors Association

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Abacus Sports Flooring

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We hope this helps, and let us know what kind of flooring you select!  - Andy