Estimating Profit for your Dog Daycare or Boarding Business Plan

This article contains a free profit-model spreadsheet! Click the link below!

Whether you are starting a new pet care business, or have been running your dog daycare or boarding kennel business for years, it's imperative that you have a solid understanding of the variables that will contribute to your profitability.

Any business plan for a new dog daycare, boarding kennel or other pet-care service will require some profitability analysis.

How do your prices impact profits? How does the # of pets per day impact profits? How about staff wages or the # of staff?

How do fixed costs (rent, insurance, etc) levels impact profitability? Based on certain fixed costs, what levels of sales do you need to break-even?

We created a spreadsheet to help you answer these questions!

Click Here to download your free Profit Analysis Spreadsheet

Download the spreadsheet and start entering your prices and costs.  Then, you can experiment with different staffing levels, different sales-levels and other variables.

Use the "Sensitivity Analysis" in Section C to see how profits are impacted by an increase in sales or a decrease in staffing costs.  This is a great way to see how small changes can impact your profits.

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