How many hats do you wear?

It's a cliche, but reality for a pet care business owner nonetheless.  You wear many hats.  You do too many things.

What's the solution? Get rid of some hats.


    Automation   One-way to pass off a few hats is with automation of tasks.  Automation can come from not only processes, but technology. Pet care services are very high human touch and always will be, so don't be afraid to add automation where you can.  Automation is simply a form of delegation to a reliable technology that produces predictable results.

    Automation for your business can include:

    1. Replication and transfer of certain data points to another part of your operational system (like feeding instructions, medication information or grooming notes)
    2. Financial calculations, include basic pricing and advanced pricing rules
    3. Automatic credit card payment processing
    4. Communication, including email- and text-reminders and surveys

    Automation can be easily achieved with online and integrated software and billing services.

    Delegation       Shed more of those hats by delegating tasks to your team. Delegation not only saves you time, but builds the value of your team, increases trust and employee job satisfaction. Increase success of delegating tasks by establishing operational systems, measurable indicators and follow-up.  Take a team approach to this. The more you delegate successfully, the more you have developed your business, and can focus on other things that are important.

    Anything you perform repeatedly can be either automated or delegated.    Develop your pet care business with operational software to automate tasks and data transfer, and delegate tasks to build your team's skill set and business' systems.

    What are you going to automate or delegate today?