Starting tomorrow, Gingr users will be able to log in with a Yubikey. Say goodbye to usernames and passwords!

Explore how YubiKeys can benefit your pet care business.

What is a Yubikey?

A Yubikey is a small physical device that can fit on a keychain and can be used to securely log into a variety of online services and apps (Gingr, Google, Windows, MacOS, Dropbox, Salesforce and Citrix to name a few).

How do I use it?

To log into Gingr using your Yubikey, navigate to your Gingr app and click the Yubikey icon. Next, plug your Yubikey into a USB port and tap the button. Bam! You're logged in.

How much does it cost?

The Yubikey 4 is available from Amazon (with Prime) for $40.00. The Yubikey Neo is also available on Amazon for $50.00 and includes NFC (wireless) functionality. Currently, this only works on Android devices (not iPhones/iPads).

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