For many pet owners, their animals are more than just pets, they're family.

Help your customers navigate the confusing world of financial aid for pet care.

During medical emergencies and times of need, some owners may not have the financial means to cover the cost of emergency vet bills - or even preventative care. To ensure every pet gets the help they need, The Simple Dollar created a state by state guide that provides a list of the resources and organizations in each state that are offering financial assistance for pet owners in need.

Check out the Ultimate Guide for Financial Aid for Pets here

I checked out the services listed in Colorado.  Naturally, most of the financial aid resources are related to medical care (preventative and emergency). Other aid includes food aid and aid for in-care.

What if financial aid were available for other pet care services like daycare and training?

Check out also, "a first-of-its kind platform to end economic-based euthanasia by helping pet guardians and veterinary professionals raise funds for life-saving care."

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- Andy