With the growing number of pet owners, there’s an ever-increasing demand for services that cater to their furry companions. Dog daycares have been a staple for many urban professionals and busy families who want to ensure their dogs get the attention and care they need during the day. As a dog daycare owner, you may be considering ways to expand your business, and one opportunity that is both lucrative and beneficial for dogs and their owners is the addition of dog training. Here's why and how you should consider this move.

Why Add a Training Division?

Dog Daycare Expansion: Adding Dog Training

Diversify Revenue Streams: Expanding into dog training can provide an additional source of income. It's a service many dog owners seek out, whether to address behavioral issues, teach basic obedience, or even for more advanced training.

Holistic Service Offering: By combining daycare and training, you’re offering a complete package. Owners can drop off their pets, knowing they will be cared for, socialized, and trained.

Increased Customer Loyalty: If clients experience positive results from your training programs, they're more likely to stick with your services and refer others. Customer loyalty goes a long way to boosting revenue.

Utilization of Space: Many daycares already have the infrastructure that can be easily adapted for training sessions, such as fenced areas or indoor play zones.

Key Considerations When Adding a Training Division

Dog Daycare Expansion: Adding Dog Training

Hire Certified Trainers: Ensure that you bring onboard experienced and certified dog trainers. Their expertise will be a huge selling point for your new division.

Tailored Training Programs: Not all dogs and owners have the same needs. Offering a variety of programs – from puppy classes to advanced obedience – will cater to a wider audience.

Flexible Scheduling: Consider offering both group classes and one-on-one sessions at various times to accommodate different schedules.

Safety First: Just as with daycare, safety should be paramount. Ensure that there are protocols in place, from controlled introductions between dogs to the use of safe, positive reinforcement training techniques.

Marketing: Introducing a new service requires effective marketing. Consider special promotions, package deals with daycare, or hosting free training demos to attract attention.

Feedback Mechanism: Implement a system to gather feedback from your clients. This can help refine your training methods and improve customer satisfaction.

Challenges to Anticipate

Dog Daycare Expansion: Adding Dog Training

Initial Investment: There may be upfront costs associated with hiring trainers, purchasing training equipment, and marketing the new division.

Time to Profit: Like any new venture, it might take time before the training division becomes profitable.

Space Constraints: If your current facility is already operating at capacity, you might face challenges accommodating training sessions without disrupting the daycare routine.

Adding dog training to your dog daycare can be a strategic move, bridging the gap between care and skill development for dogs. It has the potential to boost revenue and elevate your brand in the pet-care industry. With careful planning, dedication, and a commitment to quality, your training division can thrive and set you apart from competitors.

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