Just as people prioritize safety when choosing accommodations for themselves and their families, the safety of their pets should never be compromised when choosing a pet resort. Ensuring your pet resort prioritizes safety is paramount. Here's a comprehensive guide to what you focus on to ensure safety.

Secure and Monitored Premises

  • Fencing and Boundaries: High fences that prevent pets, especially those that are great jumpers, from escaping are essential. These barriers should also deter any potential intruders.

  • Surveillance: Security cameras should be strategically placed to monitor every nook and corner. This not only ensures safety but also provides pet owners peace of mind.

Proper Staff Training

Properly trained staff can make a world of difference. Train your staff to:

  • Handle emergencies.
  • Recognize signs of stress or illness in pets.
  • Prevent and manage conflicts between animals.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Medical Care: Immediate access to veterinary care is crucial. Some resorts have an in-house vet, while others have partnerships with local clinics.
  • Evacuation Plans: Just like any other facility, pet resorts should have a clear evacuation plan in case of fires, natural disasters, or other emergencies.

Individualized Care Plans

Not all pets are the same. Some might have dietary restrictions, medication routines, or particular fears. Train your your staff to:

  • Ensure that every pet has a tailored care plan.
  • Double-check any medical needs or dietary restrictions.

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Hygiene and Cleanliness

  • Sanitization: Regular cleaning and sanitization of cages, play areas, and common spaces prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Isolation Areas: In the unfortunate event that a pet falls sick, your facility should have isolated areas to prevent contagion.

Recreation and Play Safety

Safety Measures in Pet Resorts: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Supervised Play: Play sessions should always be supervised. This prevents any aggressive behavior and ensures that pets are safe during their recreation time.
  • Safe Toys: Toys provided should be non-toxic and appropriate for the size and nature of the pet.

Climate Control

Whether it's sweltering summer or freezing winter, the indoor areas of the resort should be climate-controlled to ensure comfort and prevent health issues related to extreme temperatures.


Every pet should have a proper identification system, whether it's through collars, tags, or microchips. This ensures that there's no mix-up in care routines or, in the worst-case scenario, pets.

Food Safety

  • High-quality food should be a given.
  • Secure storage to prevent contamination.
  • Clean and sanitized feeding areas.

Clear Policies and Protocols

Express your facility's policies and procedures directly to each pet parent. Software like Gingr makes sharing this information quick and easy prior to a visit, and even automatically alerts pet parents when their pet is due for vaccinations.

  • Vaccination requirements.
  • How they handle medical emergencies.
  • Their protocol for managing aggressive pets.

Our pets deserve as much care and attention as any member of our family. Therefore, it's important to always prioritize safety. These guidelines will help your facility ensure that every pet has a fun, safe, and comfortable stay. Remember, a happy pet is a safe pet!

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