If you are a provider of pet-care services, and have any intent to make pet-care a career - even if just for a few years - then put professional pet-care certification on the top of your list of things to do.

Professional certification in the pet-care industry is cost-effective (about $350), is good for your job-security and advancement, good for the pets, and good for your employer and the industry.

"Becoming a CPACP shows your clients, colleagues, and community that your professional qualifications and body of knowledge have met the highest pet care standards established” - PACCC

CPACP certification involves a little studying, and successful completion of a 125-question exam. The exam covers:

  • animal care topics including health issues

  • administering medications

  • first aid and CPR

  • cleaning and disinfecting procedures

  • fights and bites

  • play, behavior, and temperament; and animal management.

  • safety of animals and the facility (chemical usage, safety requirements)

  • escape prevention and recovery

  • extreme weather and disaster preparedness

  • staff management

You can see more exam information here: https://paccert.org/exam-info/

Benefits of Certification

Being certified in animal care sets you apart as a professional employee in the pet-care industry. Your peers, employers and customers will recognize you more as a professional to with skills and comprehensive knowledge of how to care for pets.

This level of knowledge will help you earn more more more, manage the risks of your job and help build the reputation of the company you work for or own.

Find out more at  https://paccert.org/