Did You Know: Describe Your Reservation Types

Just in case you missed it, in our newest release, we have added the ability to describe your Reservation Types! This is long awaited and a great little feature allows you to include a rich text box with photos, text, tables, and links that shows on both the customer and business portal! Use this feature to show off your rooms, describe what's included, or list requirements and expectations for each reservation. 

To add descriptions, navigate to Admin > Reservation Types and Services Configuration Page > Edit a Reservation Type (Pencil Icon) > write a description > Save Changes.

Add Custom Email Text to Reservation Requests

Want to take your communication to the next level? Check out this quick article to find out how to add customized text to your automated emails for each Reservation Type. 

Did you know: See More Dates in Expected and Unconfirmed

On the Dashboard's Expected and Unconfirmed sections, we have added some small new features. Previously, Expected Today meant only who was expected to arrive today, but you can now include all animals that have been expected on previous days, but who's reservations were not checked-in or cancelled.

The Unconfirmed section used to include only unconfirmed reservations expected to arrive 7 days in advance, but now, you can set the amount of days you would like to look ahead! 

To see these options simply click on the chevron icon on each section. While you're at it, check out what options are available in other dashboard sections!

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Did you know: Icons can help control capacity

Did you know: Icons can help control capacity

This simple setting allows you to control how many animals with this icon are checked into your facility.