This Edition of Pet-Travel: Trains

Many dog daycare, boarding kennels and dog trainers and other pet care services provide transportation for their customers' pets. Most of this is over relatively short distances via van.  Yet it turns out some are transporting pets over long distances. Many use airlines to 'transport' or 'ship' the pets to and from the facility, particularly for 'elite' dog training services.

Yet, there are many risks and discomforts for pets with air travel, and many airlines are 'tightening up their policies for flying with pets' (see author and blog below).

Fortunately, there are alternatives, including the network of train-travel services. 

As MillionMileSecrets writes:  "Traveling by train can be much safer than flying.  That’s because air travel can put your pet at risk due to changes in air quality, air circulation, temperature, cabin pressure, and other environmental issues that could be harmful to your pet’s health!" (see blog link below).

Train travel - even for short distances - may also be preferable. Many public-transit trains allow pets to travel aboard, including the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) trains and many light-rail services across the country. Generally, expect that small dogs are allowed, if they are carried in containers. Larger dogs may only be allowed on light-rails if they are service animals, for example:

You can learn more about what train services allow dogs to travel, and what their requirements are in this very informative blog:

Whether you are transporting pets across long-distances, or just across town, take a look at how trains can help.

Additionally, much of this information may be helpful to your customers for use in private travel. Consider sharing Million Miles' blog link with your customers!

Happy travels! - Andy