Why Cats Love Mercury in Retrograde

Gingr has a 'mercury in retrograde' notice that pops up for a while a few times every year. It's up now, and a customer praised us today for this fun (and apparently helpful) feature.

I had to look this up again: what does mercury in retrograde mean?

In summary, Mercury is closer to the sun than Earth, and thus moves around it more times as compared to our year. The smaller planet speeds by us in its orbit, causing havoc on earth, which explains why people drive seemingly crazier during these times.

"As Mercury speeds by, it is like a train flying past, creating a powerful, turbulent gust of “wind” in its wake.  The turbulence and disruption Mercury creates when it retrogrades can affect what we feel on Earth in our everyday lives." Source:  https://www.astrologyzone.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-mercury-retrograde/


Just imagine what it feels like for the dogs.

According to Astrologyzone:  "Mercury rules all types of communication (emphasis mine), including listening, speaking, learning, reading, ...." and "when the planet retrogrades, astrologically it is in a resting or sleeping state (and) ... Expect a certain degree of pandemonium to ensue!"

Okay, so that explains a little bit of craziness on the roads, and the potential for poor communication with customers and staff.


Basically, miscommunication can happen, and it's more likely to happen when mercury is in retrograde (if you believe in the astrology).

So Gingr's little widget is there to help remind us to pay a little extra attention to communication during these times. Perhaps we can listen a little more compassionately, and speak a little more mindfully. And perhaps we can laugh a little at our situations as well.

Does mercury in retrograde effect pets?  According to some, yes: read more here.

As for the cats?  I think they just like watching us try to deal with the chaos.

Stay calm out there!    - Andy