Do More of What You Love

Save time on the phone. Save time on the 'books'. Have more time to the pets. Boost your income.

From online appointment scheduling to commission reports, Gingr enables you to focus more on grooming and building your business.

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Mobile Friendly

Use Gingr from your smartphone, tablet or computer to check in/out pets, process payments, record grooming notes, even send out marketing emails and texts.  Your customers can also easily engage and make appointment requests right from their phone.

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track every detail

Automate recurring appointments. Track grooming notes and warnings, pricing and appointment history. Work online and paperless, or print out service reports, grooming cards and more. Track commissions, tips, and income from each groomer.

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speed up payments

Collect payments online, save card information securely, automatically sync your software with the card-reader for fast, easy transactions. Automated email receipts, and reconciled batch reports make every day's book-keeping fast and easy.