Founded on February 1, 2021, in the quaint town of Fremont, Indiana, Momma Bear's Grooming & Boarding is the heart and soul of owner Marie Eicher. With a lifelong passion for animals and a dedication to providing top-tier pet care, Marie has created a haven where pets receive the best grooming and boarding services in the area.

When Marie set out to find the perfect software solution to streamline operations and enhance customer experience, Gingr quickly caught her attention. After thorough research and glowing recommendations from fellow pet-care professionals, Momma Bear's Grooming & Boarding embraced Gingr with open arms, and they haven't looked back since.Pawsome Tales: Momma Bear's Grooming & Boarding LLC

One of the most beloved features at Momma Bear's is Gingr's deposit feature. This game-changing functionality has revolutionized the way Marie and her team manage appointments and client commitments.

The deposit feature allows pet owners to secure grooming and boarding appointments with a small upfront payment. Not only does this ensure a commitment from the client, but it also minimizes last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Marie appreciates the peace of mind that comes with a more predictable schedule, allowing her team to provide consistent, top-notch care to every furry guest.

In addition to the deposit feature, Momma Bear's team loves Gingr's scheduling and grooming notes feature. This tool helps them stay organized and attentive to each pet's unique needs.

With Gingr's scheduling and grooming notes, Marie and her team can keep track of appointments and record specific grooming instructions for each pet. Whether it's noting a favorite treat or a special request for grooming, these detailed notes ensure that every pet receives personalized care and attention.

Pawsome Tales: Momma Bear's Grooming & Boarding LLC

Thanks to Gingr's support and efficiency, Momma Bear's Grooming & Boarding is thriving like never before. The deposit feature and scheduling & grooming notes have become indispensable tools in their daily operations, allowing them to focus on what they do best: providing a safe, loving environment for pets to feel right at home.

As they continue to grow and serve the Fremont community, Marie and her team are grateful for Gingr's partnership, which has helped them make every day a tail-wagging success at Momma Bear's Grooming & Boarding.

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