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With Gingr’s dog grooming software, you can keep your pet care business running smoothly.

Dog Grooming Software That Simplifies Scheduling

Gingr’s modern grooming software makes your in-house grooming operations run smoothly and more efficiently. With Gingr, the essential tools you and your staff depend on are always at your fingertips. Our cloud-based system allows customers to request appointments online and provides on-the-go access for you to manage your grooming team. Process payments and track tips and commissions, all in one convenient location.

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The dashboard of Gingr’s dog grooming software makes it easy to see key information at a glance.
With the convenient dashboard in our dog grooming software, you’ll be able to view your calendar and grooming notes with just a glance. Easily see scheduled appointments in your personal calendar or view the whole team’s. You can drag and drop to quickly reassign or reschedule appointments, or manage online requests right from the dashboard.
The appointment cards in our dog grooming software ensure you’ll have easy access to the information you need for each pet.
Appointment Card
Each pet’s appointment card tracks all of your grooming notes over time. View grooming history, groomer warnings, pricing, and schedule that next appointment while the customer is right there.
Gingr’s dog grooming software offers simple and seamless scheduling tools to keep things running smoothly.
Our groomer scheduling tools are a powerful and flexible way to manage your team. You can set up week-to-week or repeating schedules for each groomer, as well as manage time-off requests or block out unavailability on the counter. Our dog grooming software supports multiple appointment types for different groomers, like time-based or slot-based drop-off appointments.
Communicate with customers easily (and automatically) with our dog grooming software.
Automated email and texting saves you precious time and reduces no-shows. Customize your templates, and let the software do the rest for each appointment. Custom email and text marketing help you keep customers coming back on a regular basis—so your calendar is always full.
Streamline checkout with the payment processing features in Gingr’s dog grooming software.
Payment Processing
Seamless payments help ensure you get paid accurately and quickly. Collect payments online or in-person, and let our dog grooming software speed up your checkout for fast and error-free credit card payments. Boost your tip income by presenting options during checkout, and automatically track commissions and tips for each groomer.

Dog Grooming Software Worth Wagging About

Our all-inclusive, cloud-based grooming software makes managing your business a breeze. Each day in your business looks different, and you and your staff need on-the-go access to key information. Gingr will help your team stay organized, on track, and ready for every appointment. We’ll reduce stressful busywork to give you more time for what you love.

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dots-2 Our dog grooming software offers all the features you need to do more of what you love.

Team Gingr Is Invested in Your Dog Grooming Business’s Success

Get started quickly with your dog grooming software thanks to support from our team.

Onboarding Support

Our success depends on your team’s success, starting on day one. Our onboarding specialists help you set up your software for a speedy implementation—so you can unlock your business’s potential even faster. Setup guides, videos, and one-on-one meetings help you and your groomers take advantage of all of Gingr’s time-saving features.

The Gingr team provides ongoing support for your dog grooming software.

Ongoing Support

The Gingr team remains part of your team even after the software is up and running. Through implementation and beyond, we’ll help you learn more, adjust settings, and take advantage of new features as they are released. Our friendly, helpful support team and thorough knowledge base will keep you up-to-date on your dog grooming software.

Don’t fret about security concerns with your dog grooming software—the Gingr team has it covered.

System Monitoring and Security

Part of any successful pet care business includes preparing for the worst. Focus your attention on your team and your grooming efforts, and leave the software to us. Our skilled developers and database team closely monitor your app’s performance 24/7, 365 days a year. We measure page loads by the millisecond and deliver the highest security and uptime of any dog grooming software on the market.

Unlock Your Dog Grooming’s Business Potential

Find out how Gingr will help you streamline and grow your business—so you can Do More of What You Love™.

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dots-4 With Gingr’s dog grooming software, your business will be able to grow and thrive.

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