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With Gingr’s dog grooming software, you can keep your pet care business running smoothly.

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Developed paw-in-paw with grooming experts, Gingr is designed to help you run your business easier.


Appointment Card

Track appointment details in one place to keep your staff on the same page. Appointment cards track all of your grooming notes over time. View grooming history, groomer warnings, and pricing in one place, and schedule the next appointment while the client is right there.

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Scheduling Flexibility

Take the stress out of scheduling and manage multiple groomers and services in one dashboard. Our facility calendar makes it easy to set up week-to-week or repeating schedules for each groomer, manage time-off requests, and block out availability. Gingr supports multiple appointment types for different groomers, like time-based or slot-based drop-off appointments. Adding grooming services to boarding and daycare reservations is easy with drag and drop calendar features.

Dog Grooming Software

Automated Email & SMS Reminders

Spend less time on the phone and more time with the dogs. Gingr automatically sends reminders to prevent no-shows and sends a text when the pet is ready to be picked up.

Dog Grooming Software

Run Your Dog Grooming Business Smoothly

Grooming-Specific Reporting
Grooming-Specific Reporting
Robust reports help you manage your business more effectively, close gaps, and increase revenue. Reports include Appointment Goal Tracking, Book Performance, Appointment Rebooking Report and so much more!
Dog Grooming Software
Tips & Commission
Easily enable clients to show their groomer how much they appreciate them by automatically prompting for tips at checkout and calculating commission.
Gingr Facility Calendar
Facility Calendar
Manage your entire facility and groomers all in one easy-to-understand calendar. Say goodbye to overbooking!
dog grooming online booking
Online Booking
Make your staff and clients' lives easier with online booking. Clients can book, cancel and modify appointments with just a click.
Dog Grooming Software
Recurring Reservations
Boost income and repeat visits with recurring reservations. And, Gingr remembers the price and duration of each visit to make scheduling and checkout a breeze.
Gingr Text Messaging
Picture and Text Messaging
Quickly and easily send pet parents texts and photos—right through Gingr. Pet parents love before and after photos!

Dog Grooming Software That Simplifies Scheduling

Gingr’s modern grooming software makes your in-house grooming operations run smoothly and more efficiently. With Gingr, the essential tools you and your staff depend on are always at your fingertips. Our cloud-based system allows customers to request appointments online and provides on-the-go access for you to manage your grooming team. Process payments and track tips and commissions, all in one convenient location.

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