Day-to-day operations at your pet-care business keep you so busy it feels like you’re chasing your tail. From interacting with customers and managing employees to ensuring the safety of every pet that passes through your doors, the last thing a busy business owner like yourself needs is a confusing payment processing system. 

Old, slow payment processors with multiple steps can result in customers who are less than happy. Picture this: it’s check-in time at your dog daycare, and you have a line of customers and their dogs waiting to pay for the day. The people might be ready to wait patiently, but a group of excited dogs all gathered together can lead to trouble, and that can lead to less than patient customers. 

Pet businesses like yours run on the expertise and passion of their owners and employees. Your software should help facilitate your business’s operations, creating a smooth and streamlined process for you and your customers. The right payment processor will minimize technical obstacles and the bureaucratic hassle that can come between you and completing the work that your business was designed for. 

Pet business owners looking to save time and money can benefit from an integrated payment system like Gingr’s Payment Feature. With this payment system, your pet business can process financial transactions in an all-in-one system, providing your business and your customers with the most convenient payment processing system possible.

Essential Features of Gingr Payments 



Gingr Payments’ all-in-one integrated payment system simplifies your business’s financial transactions without sacrificing functionality. Here are just a few of the ways Gingr Payments can improve your business and your customers’ checkout experience:

  • Online payments. With integrated payments, customers can easily pay online through your customer portal when they first make their appointment. 
  • Faster checkout process. Make your checkout process even more convenient for your customers by saving cards on file, reducing data re-entry for future appointments. 
  • Quick reconciliations. Gingr saves reconciliation time by automatically providing batch reports. 
  • Secure payments. Keep your customers’ data safe with Gingr’s PCI compliant, point-to-point encryption. 
  • Tip options. Provide suggested tip amounts after customers make a payment to help boost overall tip amounts for your team. 
  • Mobile payments. Gingr’s paperless payment system allows customers to pay straight from their phones with wireless card readers. 
  • Paperless receipts. Gingr can help your business go paperless by providing emailed receipts that reduce paper use and are easy for your customers to pull up on their phones. 
  • Packages. Gingr Payments supports recurring payment options for businesses looking to sell weekly and monthly subscriptions. 
  • International support. US and international customers can use Gingr’s integrated payments without worry. 

These features empower your pet business to make the most of your payment processor. Use your payment processor to create a secure, seamless transaction for your customers. Then, compile key data collected by your system to understand more about your customers and improve their experience even more. 

Top Benefits of Using Gingr Payments

Gingr Payments offers pet businesses a wide range of benefits that can transform your payment processing experience. There are a variety of payment processing options available, but Gingr has a paw up on the competition by providing businesses with the following benefits:

Built specifically for pet-care businesses.

Pet-care businesses have unique needs that payment processors built for businesses, in general, don’t always account for. By contrast, Gingr is intimately familiar with the features pet-care business owners need. This means Gingr Payments has been designed specifically to reflect the financial requirements and day-to-day needs of businesses like yours.

Integrated with the overarching Gingr app. 

Businesses already using Gingr’s app will discover just how easy it is to integrate their payment processor into their pet-care software platform. Not only will your business be able to keep all of your internal records and transactions in one place, but your customers will also be able to make payments directly from their existing Gingr accounts. 

Easy integration with payment hardware.

Gingr Payments is more than just an app and is built to accommodate payments on more devices than just your phone. With Gingr, pet businesses can purchase or rent a variety of integrated terminal options to collect in-person payments and tips. This means your business can collect payments online and handle any walk-ins that need to handle transactions in person. 

Reduces transaction times by 50%.

Online forms and financial transactions take time to complete. With Gingr payments, you can save your staff and customers time by cutting their transaction time in half. Customers won’t need to worry about going through a separate payment process, and your team can avoid the hours they might have spent reconciling statements and errors associated with manual data entry. 

Does Your Business Need Integrated Payments?

Different businesses have different payment processing needs, and some can greatly benefit from an integrated payment processor. Learn if integrated payments are right for your business by taking our quiz!

You can also learn more about Gingr Payments and how they can fit into your business’s financial system by getting in touch with our team. Whether your business is switching payment processors or investing in one for the first time, our team will be able to answer all of your payment processing questions and walk you through setting up your new payment processor.

Ready to get started with integrated payment processing? Discover how Gingr Payments can transform your business by contacting Gingr today!