K9 Lounge is a home-based boarding and daycare facility based out of San Leandro Hills, California. Owner, Robert Crosby, works full-time boarding and caring for dogs and other pets such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, fish, lizards, and more. With over 40 years of working with dogs and animals, in 2015 he decided to board dogs to determine his next 4-legged pal. During this time, he was inundated with business and wonderful clients! What started as just a love for pets has turned into a full-fledged, successful business of pet love!  

K9 Lounge Dog Boarding and Daycare

Robert's favorite part of his job at K9 Lounge is being able to hang with four-legged friends daily. While his business was successful before Gingr, he was searching for a better way to take control of business operations. Crosby states, I wanted to expand my business and take more control of my fees and net income. I did research on other similar platforms, and many had most of the items I needed but not all. In my review of Gingr, it had all the items I needed. Along with my friends, I tested the website and associated applications before signing on. I was very happy with the performance and look and feel of everything."

Gingr has not only made it easier for Robert to operate his business but has allowed his returning customers to have confidence in leaving their pets in his care. The software has enabled Crosby to offer premium services to his clients while helping solve issues that may arise. When asked a time Gingr was there for his business, Crosby replies, “I had a client question her charges. I was able to just send her the invoice from the software and that was satisfactory with a brief description from me." Communication is a breeze with Gingr!

K9 Lounge has become more profitable since Crosby started utilizing the software. He explains, "It's allowed me to migrate clients from a boarding platform which took a portion of my fees. I am now receiving 100% of my fees minus credit card processing fees." He continues to be thrilled with Gingr payments and the security it provides for pet parents.

Robert is excited to continue to grow with Gingr. It's been a priceless addition to his business operations. As an owner-operated facility, he must have plenty of time to spend with his furry clients and less time doing the administrative, tedious work. Thanks to Gingr, the freedom to grow his business, while hanging with four-legged clients is possible!