Paws at Play is a resort, daycare, and grooming facility located in North Royalton, Ohio. Manager, Katie Ashton, has been with Paws at Play for 12 years and enjoys her time with the pets they serve. Paws at Play Daycare was added to the North Royalton Animal Hospital as an additional service provided offsite about 13 years ago. When the hospital was remodeled, the daycare was then added on-site. The daycare and resort both started with minimal staff and since then, has grown immensely! 

Katie started her search for pet-care software when they needed help streamlining their offerings and creating more free time for staff. Katie states, We needed help with streamlining daycare scheduling. Providing the clients with the power to schedule at their convenience. This also allows our reception team more time to provide the best client care."
Paws at Play

Online scheduling is one of Katie's favorite features. Katie says, “My favorite feature is online scheduling and the ability for the owner to upload records to their pet's account. I also very much enjoy being able to request records from Gingr!" Online scheduling offers a seamless and convenient experience for both businesses and clients, allowing them to easily schedule appointments, services, and activities from anywhere at any time. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features make the process quick and efficient.  

Gingr has been there to support Katie and her team countless times.  Communication is made simple with the report card feature. The report cards provide clients with valuable insights and detailed updates on their pets' activities and experiences during their stay or visit. These personalized reports offer peace of mind and reassurance, fostering a stronger bond between the client and the service provider.

The report cards serve as a convenient communication tool, allowing staff members to share important information, observations, and any noteworthy incidents with clients in a timely and transparent manner. This feature enhances transparency, builds trust, and enables open lines of communication between clients and staff, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. The report card feature promotes a sense of care, professionalism, and attentiveness, making it a beloved feature for clients and staff alike. Katie remarks, “Gingr has helped streamline report cards for new daycare guests. It has provided an easy way for our team to consistently provide feedback and photos for clients on their pets' first day."
Paws at Play
Katie's most used feature is the scheduling tool and owner reminders for pets' requirements. Owner reminders for pets' requirements are an invaluable feature that helps Katie and her team stay organized and ensure their furry companions receive the necessary care. These reminders can be set for various tasks and needs, such as medication schedules, grooming appointments, vaccinations, and special dietary requirements. Gingr sends timely notifications and alerts to owners, reminding them of upcoming tasks and deadlines.

By keeping owners informed and proactive, the reminders feature ensures that pets receive the attention and care they need on time. This not only helps maintain the pet's well-being but also relieves the burden of remembering multiple details for busy pet owners. With owner reminders, pet owners can confidently stay on top of their pets' requirements, providing them with consistent and optimal care.

Altogether, Gingr has proven to be a vital asset for Katie and her team, significantly enhancing its efficiency and customer service. The online scheduling capabilities have simplified the booking process for clients, while automated reminders and owner notifications have ensured that pets receive timely care and services. The robust management features, including detailed pet profiles and comprehensive reporting, have allowed the business to provide personalized and attentive care, leading to improved customer satisfaction and a more streamlined and organized operation.

“Gingr has helped lift the responsibility of our reception team in scheduling pets for daycare in person. It has alleviated errors in scheduling," says Katie. Katie and the team at Paws at Play are thrilled with Gingr and how it's helped their team streamline administrative tasks.