Sivan's journey in the pet-care industry began when she moved to the United States two years ago. After gaining experience working at several local facilities, she decided to pursue her dream of opening her establishment, A Pups Dream Dog Grooming. Sivan's motivation was clear: she wanted to provide dogs with the care and pampering they truly deserved. She envisioned a stress-free and positive environment where dogs could play before their grooming sessions, receive ample support, and enjoy a truly exceptional grooming experience. With her extensive experience in working with dogs, she was determined to give every pup, including those who were shy or reactive to groomers, the chance to have a positive and stress-free grooming experience.

Gingr's Unleashed Success: A Howling Triumph at A Pups Dream Dog Grooming

Sivan's favorite part of owning her grooming shop is beautifully summed up in her own words: “To help dogs, give them the right style and the groom they need, give them a good experience, and see them leave happy." It's her love for dogs and the satisfaction of ensuring they have the best grooming experience possible that fuels her passion.

Sivan first discovered Gingr while working at a previous facility, and it quickly became an indispensable tool for her business. She was impressed by the system's user-friendly design and its flexibility to cater to her clients' specific needs. One of her favorite features is the ability to add photos and comprehensive information about each dog, allowing her to provide personalized care and build strong relationships with her clients.

Gingr's Unleashed Success: A Howling Triumph at A Pups Dream Dog Grooming

Sivan's absolute favorite Gingr feature is the requirement for clients to provide proof of rabies vaccine before booking appointments. This feature ensures the safety and health of all dogs in her care, creating a secure and responsible environment for both pets and staff.

Three Gingr features that have significantly benefited A Pups Dream Dog Grooming are:

  1. Booking: Gingr's booking system simplifies the appointment scheduling process, making it convenient for both clients and staff.

  2. Dashboard: The dashboard provides a clear overview of upcoming appointments, facilitating efficient scheduling and management.

  3. Add a Grooming Note: This feature allows Sivan to include specific grooming notes and details for each dog, ensuring their individual needs and preferences are met during their visit.

Gingr has had a profound impact on A Pups Dream Dog Grooming's operations, as Sivan attests: “The app helps a lot to manage clients. We are now using the client portal as well, and it helps a lot in saving time and creating more traffic for the online portal." With Gingr, Sivan can focus on what she does best—providing exceptional care to her furry clients and ensuring they leave her salon happy and pampered.