Nestled across California, Texas, and Washington, with a presence in Washington D.C., City Dog! Club has been a beacon of pet-care excellence since its establishment in 2012. Under the visionary leadership of Vice President Jennifer Haynes, this network of Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming facilities has flourished, now boasting nine stores and a dedicated team of roughly 200 employees. However, their journey to success wouldn't be complete without their partnership with Gingr.

Empowering Excellence: City Dog! Club's Partnership with Gingr

 Choosing Gingr was a no-brainer for us," Jennifer states confidently when asked about their software selection process.

One of the standout features of Gingr for City Dog! Club is its infrastructure for organizing pup profiles under their respective parent" profiles. This feature allows for ease of use and ensures that we have all the necessary information about each pet readily available," explains Jennifer. Moreover, City Dog! Club appreciates Gingr's robust marketing and reporting features, which have proven to be instrumental in driving business growth and enhancing customer engagement.Empowering Excellence: City Dog! Club's Partnership with Gingr

Reports are a cornerstone of City Dog! Club's operations, and they rely on Gingr's reporting tools to gain insights into various aspects of their business. From tracking occupancy rates to analyzing customer behavior and preferences, Gingr's reports provide valuable data that informs strategic decision-making. Gingr's reporting features are invaluable to us; they allow us to understand our business better and tailor our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients," Jennifer emphasizes.

Empowering Excellence: City Dog! Club's Partnership with Gingr

When asked about the impact of Gingr on their business, Jennifer doesn't hesitate to respond: It is a keystone of our business." With Gingr's intuitive interface and comprehensive suite of tools, City Dog! Club has been able to streamline its operations, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional pet-care experiences to its clients.

As City Dog! Club continues to expand its footprint and uphold its commitment to excellence, its partnership with Gingr remains fundamental to its success!

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