Located in the heart of Sydney, Australia, Dogs @ Play has emerged as a premier destination for dogs to unleash their energy and experience pure canine joy. This tail-wagging success story is the brainpup of Amanda Hewson, a dedicated and passionate dog lover committed to providing a safe and engaging environment for furry companions. Dogs @ Play has been in business since 2004. It started with dog daycare, added grooming and retail, moved to a bigger space, and now has 15 staff. 

Amanda embarked on the journey to create Dogs @ Play, driven by her unwavering love for dogs and her commitment to their well-being. It was an innovative response to a problem she faced with her dogs, “Every day I’d leave for work and find it increasingly difficult to leave my dogs home alone while I’d spend long hours in a corporate profession,” says Amanda. Amanda found Gingr when she was searching for a pet-care management system to help clients book during out-of-office hours. Dogs @ Play: Sydney's Canine Haven Thrives with Gingr

When asked about her favorite Gingr feature, Amanda states, “Report cards." This tool enables Amanda and her team to generate personalized report cards for each dog, offering valuable insights into their activities, behavior, and well-being during their time at the facility. Pet owners love receiving these detailed updates, which strengthen the bond between Dogs @ Play and their clients, fostering trust and satisfaction.

The booking feature has revolutionized how Dogs @ Play manages reservations. Pet owners can easily book playtime and daycare reservations online, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls and paperwork. This seamless booking process has simplified administrative tasks for Amanda and her team, allowing them to focus more on providing exceptional care and creating a fun-filled environment for their furry visitors.

Dogs @ Play: Sydney's Canine Haven Thrives with Gingr

Amanda and her team also enjoy the quick check-in feature. The quick check-in ensures a smooth and efficient arrival process for dogs at Dogs @ Play. With this feature, Amanda and her staff can swiftly capture necessary information, such as feeding instructions, medical history, and emergency contact details. This streamlined check-in process guarantees that each dog receives personalized attention and care from the moment they step through the door.

Gingr's reporting feature has become a powerful tool in monitoring and analyzing the performance of Dogs @ Play. When asked how Gingr has impacted her business, Amanda states, “Reporting is super helpful with money balancing." Amanda can access detailed reports on attendance, revenue, and customer feedback, enabling her to make data-driven decisions and continually refine the facility's operations. This valuable insight empowers Dogs @ Play to consistently improve and provide the best possible experience for their furry clientele. Dogs @ Play: Sydney's Canine Haven Thrives with Gingr

Thanks to the seamless integration of Gingr software, Dogs @ Play has achieved remarkable success as a trusted and beloved pet-care facility in Sydney. Amanda's dedication, combined with the efficiency and effectiveness of Gingr's features, has created a haven where dogs can play, socialize, and thrive under the watchful care of passionate professionals.