A good selection of dog daycare playground equipment can help you distinguish your business while providing your pet-guests with interesting structures and activities for play.  A diverse selection of play structures will help relieve your dog daycare guests of boredom and aggression and help engage them in play - whether solo or with other dogs.

Stand-Alone Play Structures

Stand-alone structures can include climbers, ramps, stairs, elevated 'sitters', tires and other individual features. Equipment can be made of wood, rubber and plastic. Any products made with wood will likely need regular maintenance. Select products that are durable, easy to clean and designed specifically for pet-use.


Play structures are a popular type of dog daycare playground equipment.


Modular Dog Playground Systems

One option is to purchase a modular system of playground pieces.  This enables you to configure and customize your dog daycare playground to fit your space and budget.  You can establish attractive and functional structures for well under $1,000.  You can easily move, change, grow and adapt your playground as your business changes.

Most modular systems are made of durable heavy-weight plastic for easy moving and cleaning.


Modular equipment is a great option for your dog daycare playground.


Do-It Yourself

If you have the time, tools and inspiration, you may build some of your own equipment. Be sure to use materials and designs that fit pet-care industry health and safety standards.


Discover do-it-yourself options for your dog daycare playground.


Water Features

Water is a great play feature. Water structures can range from simple

'kiddie pools', to full-size in-ground pools.   The low-cost kiddie pools work well, though watch for the plastic breaking down. Dispose of any pool that has cracks or broken edges.


Water is a popular dog daycare playground option.


What are your favorite play features in your dog daycare facility?

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