Abban Lastovica and her husband, Robert Lastovica, opened Paws and Claws Pet Resort in 2003. Robert is also a veterinarian at Friendship Veterinary Center. Robert offers on-call services for pets when they need medical attention during their stay. Abban taught as a teacher and dyslexia specialist for 20 years while owning the resort. In 2021, she assumed full responsibility for daily operations and management.

Robert and Abban have a deep love for pets and have made it their life's work to participate in serving their community and its beloved furry friends. Paws and Claws offers boarding, daycare, and grooming services. A one-stop shop! 

As Paws and Claws expanded, Abban and Robert turned to Gingr because they needed assistance with customer support and more current technology. Since using the software, they have explored the many different features offered. Their most frequently used feature is the customer portal. Paws and Claws Resort

Through the customer portal, pet owners can easily schedule appointments, make boarding reservations, request grooming services, and manage their pets' information. They can also view and update their contact details, review past invoices and transactions, and even make secure online payments. Additionally, the customer portal allows pet owners to communicate directly with the pet care facility, enabling them to send messages, provide specific care instructions, or inquire about their pet's well-being.

When asked about a time the software was helpful to their business, Abban replied,
I love that the lodging calendar prevents overlaps and overbooking." The lodging calendar allows pet-care staff to view and manage bookings, ensuring optimal occupancy and scheduling. They can easily see which kennels or rooms are available for new reservations, and which ones are already booked. This helps them plan and allocate resources effectively, maximizing the facility's capacity.Paws and Claws Pet Resort

Since using Gingr, Paws and Claws has benefited immensely. Revenue and tips have both increased. Gingr software integrates a secure payment system that allows customers to make payments, including tips, within the software itself. When customers choose to leave a tip, the system securely processes the payment and records the tip amount making it seamless to grow revenue!

Gingr also provides detailed reporting and analytics features that allow Abban and her team to track and analyze the tips received. They can generate reports to see tipping trends, identify high-performing staff who receive more tips, and gain insights into customer satisfaction levels. This data can be used to improve service quality and make informed business decisions.

With Gingr's software, Abban and Robert have streamlined their operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer service!