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Dog Daycare Software that Keeps Dog Daycare Fun

Profitable dog daycares require efficiency—in scheduling, check-ins/outs, payments, and communication. Gingr helps you go paperless, automate, and track all the details. Gingr makes it easy for your staff to manage bookings and care for the pets with ease and accuracy—while still getting all those great happy tail wags.

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Gingr’s easy-view dashboard helps you see what pets are coming, which are currently checked in, and any pending reservation requests. Each pet is listed, along with add-on services and icon notes. Quick check-in, “add a customer”, and new reservation buttons—along with quick clicks to view more pet information and appointment cards—give you fast and easy access to key information.
Prepaid packages save time and boost cash flow. Gingr’s customizable packages allow you to create hourly, full- and half-day multi-pet packages at multiple levels. Subscription packages automate payment and renewals, so you never have to lift a finger for those repeat transactions.
Pet icons quickly identify important pet and customer care needs. System icons alert you about expired vaccinations, first-time customers, and other important information. Custom icons allow you to categorize pets in play groups, note medical or behavioral issues, or pop up important notes when checking pets in or out. Think of these as digital sticky notes with superpowers!
Gingr’s online customer portal operates just like an app, enabling your customers to complete and sign forms, request reservations, purchase packages, pay invoices, and see all those great photos and videos of their dogs. The online portal is easy to link to your website and social media accounts.
Payments are fast and easy in Gingr. Most customers pay with credit cards, so card payment integration is one of the key ways to get efficiency and accuracy in payments. Online customer invoice payments, automated payments, and seamless point-of-sale payments help you boost income.
Dog daycare employee management tools include a time clock, user permissions, notifications/notices, daily team checklists, individual to-do lists, scheduling, and tracking of tips and commissions.

Dog Daycare Software Worth Wagging About

Get time back to focus on what you love and reduce stressful busywork with the all-inclusive, cloud-based software that makes dog-daycare management a breeze.

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Team Gingr helps ensure your success implementing and getting the best performance from your dog daycare software.


Personal Onboarding Support

Our success depends on your success. Our onboarding specialists help you set up your software for a fast implementation—so you can enjoy all the time-saving benefits of dog daycare software faster. Setup guides, videos, and one-on-one meetings help you get there.


Ongoing Support

Once the software is implemented, you will still want to learn more, adjust settings, and implement new features as they are released. Our support team and knowledge base will help you stay up to date on your dog daycare software.


System Monitoring and Security

Gingr’s developers and database team monitor your app’s performance 24/7, 365 days a year. We measure page loads by the millisecond and deliver the highest security and uptime of any dog daycare software on the market.

Unlock Your Dog Daycare’s Business Potential:

Find out how Gingr will help you streamline and grow your business—so you can Do More of What you Love.

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