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Track Every Customer and Pet Detail

Client and pet management that’s easy to navigate.

Detailed client and pet profiles are just one click away from the dashboard, reservation, calendars, and reports. Easy profile views put contact information, immunizations, breed, age, gender, reservations, appointments, invoices, employee notes, package history, incidents, and care information right at your fingertips. Custom icons and pop-up warnings ensure you never miss that critical information.

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Never Miss Getting Paid

Smart pricing engines and built-in payments save you time and money.

Multiple pets? Holiday rates? Service add-ons? Automated pricing rules and invoicing ensure you get paid the right amount for every reservation. Your staff never has to do all the math. Online and on-site credit card payment collection is built-in, eliminating payment errors and saving precious staff time. Your income gets a boost, and your payroll costs go down.

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Online Customer Portal that Builds Your Brand

An online experience  your customers will love and use.

Meet your customers where they are: online. The online customer portal works for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Branded with your logo, styles - and with robust form customization - the portal provides an easy way for your customers to self-register, request appointments, select service add-ons, purchase packages, and pay deposits and invoices.

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Employee Management Tools that Empower

Pet business software that engages and keeps your employees on track.

From specialist scheduling, time-clock tracking, daily checklists, and to-do lists to notification groups and advanced user permissions settings, Gingr helps you manage employee activities and outcomes. Individual user settings enable your staff to customize certain workflows for maximum efficiency.

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Multiple calendar views enable you to view all services or filter by a specific service. Quick-click to view pet and reservation details, or move pets around from kennel to kennel or specialist to specialist.
Vaccination records get uploaded to the customer profile by you or the customer. Verify and enter expiration dates. Then Gingr does the rest, emailing customers when vaccinations are about to expire and warning you of any expired vaccinations for a pet entering your facility. Run marketing campaigns to anyone with pending or current expirations.
Pre-loaded email and SMS templates are ready to go for confirmation, reminders, surveys, waitlist notifications, and more. Customize these as needed. Gingr does the rest, giving you optimal delivery rates everytime.
Email and SMS marketing features make you an expert marketer in minutes. Use premade or custom filters to segment your customers into target groups. Use and save custom HTML templates for engaging content that keeps your customers coming back.
Boost your income with online and in-store retail sales tools. Bar-code scanners speed up the process of adding items to any reservation or right to the shopping cart. Track inventory and analyze profits for each item.
Reports include financial reporting (revenues, taxes, commissions/tips), daily operational reports (feeding, medications), user success reports (user logs, birthdays, vaccination status), and more. Future revenue and occupancy estimators help you make smart decisions about how to build your business.

Team Gingr helps ensure your success implementing and getting the best performance out of your pet business software.


Personal Onboarding Support

Our success depends on your success. Our onboarding specialists help you set up your software for a fast implementation—so you can enjoy all the time-saving benefits of your pet business software faster. Setup guides, videos, and one-on-one meetings help you get there.


Ongoing Support

Once the software is implemented, you will still want to learn more, adjust settings, and implement new features as they are released. Our support team and knowledge base will help you stay up to date on your dog business training software.


System Monitoring and Security

Gingr’s developers and database team monitor your app’s performance 24/7, 365 days a year. We measure page loads by the millisecond, and deliver the highest security and uptime of any dog training business software on the market.

Unlock Your Pet-Care Business’s Potential:

Find out how Gingr will help you streamline and grow your business—so you can Do More of What you Love.

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