Details of A Gingr Subscription

Please review these details in advance of your purchase:


potential deal-breakers.

Before we go too far, if you are concerned about how these may impact you, be sure to review with your sales consultant:

•Gingr has a single tax-rate per location. Are you in British Columbia? You can have different tax rates for each location.  

•To store credit card information and use the other integrated card processing features, you MUST use our card processing partner.

•Use of ‘half-credits’ from full-day packages for half-day daycare (KennelSoft/Atlantis user?). Sorry, no half-credits in Gingr.

•Mixed activity ‘packages’ and scheduling (KennelSoft/Atlantis user?). You may have some limitations on scheduling activities that are bundled into activity packages (as opposed to a la carte activity scheduling).

•Extensive off-site services, off-site invoicing/payment collection.

•We do not do phone-support at this time. (Though our support team receives as much praise as our software).


System / EQuipment Requirements

Internet connection (3-5 MbPS download speed)   •

Operating systems: iOS, Windows 7+, Android 2.3 or newer

Browsers:  Chrome, Firefox & Safari (not Internet Explorer, not Edge).

A desktop or laptop computer is required for credit card swipes and other USB hardware connections (swiper is USB-connecting device and requires a computer operating system.)

A tablet required for credit card signatures. Can be a Samsung, iPad - anything that can access the internet.  Pick out a sturdy stand.  You may want additional tablets or computers for simultaneous use elsewhere in your facility.

OptionalUSB devices for print/cash drawer:

Optional USB-connected barcode scanner:  check on Amazon or another vendor.

Credit card swiper is shipped by our card-processing partner.



Setup and Onboarding

You are in the ‘drivers seat’ of setting up your software. We find that our customers are most successful when they do the bulk of the setup and configuration of their software.  We're here to help of course, as we want you to be successful! See below for a summary of our support services, and here's a summary of the onboarding process:

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 3.39.24 PM.png

Plan on 20-40 hours of focused work, over 3-4 weeks of time, depending on the complexity of your business.


Our Support Services

“I have never worked with a company that responds so quickly. Keep up the good work.” -Bradly
“Quick and excellent answers to even the silliest questions. Thank you.” -Alex V.

Our support team receives as much praise as our software. We want you to be successful, so we support you in on-boarding and for the life of your subscription:

•Use the online searchable Support Site for fast answers, videos.

•Unlimited email (7 days/week) and Chat (5 days/week, M-F 8-5 MT) support is part of your subscription. (We do not have phone support at this time)

•Schedule up to (4) 45-minute Setup Support meetings during your setup phase (*$50 per call thereafter).

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 6.48.07 AM.png
Purchase a tablet so your customers can view charges, leave a tip, and sign for credit card transactions and agreements.

Purchase a tablet so your customers can view charges, leave a tip, and sign for credit card transactions and agreements.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

To enjoy the following features, you must establish a merchant account with our card=processing partner:

  • store credit card information securely, PCC compliant,
  • collect remote deposit payments from customers,
  • customers can purchase packages online,
  • subscriptions - auto charge cards & renew package credits,
  • easy tip/gratuity collection and reporting,
  • electronic signatures on a tablet (for agreements too),
  • store receipts digitally, email receipts
  • easy refund processing, refunds right back to card used.

The terms:  no long-term contract, we match your current rates. If you are a new business, your rates will be on par with Paypal/Square).  Low-cost one-time purchase of equipment.

EMV: Due to the low-risk of fake credit card use with dog care customers, we do not require chip-readers at this time.

Note: Integrated credit card processing features available only in U.S. Card not-present features available in Canada.


Data import from other software

The data that can be imported:   Client information, Pet info, Future Reservations, Retail items, Package Credits, Lodging

First, the no charge option:

  • Export your data from your old software.
  • Format to our Data Import Template (MS Excel).
  • We upload your file to your Gingr account (no charge).

Or, you pay us to do the grunt work:

  • Export your data from your old software and deliver to us, then we reformat your data into the Data Import Template.
  • Limited to exports from the following software: 123 Pet, K9 Bytes, Kennel Connection, Kennel Suite, Paw Loyalty, Pet Exec, Revelation Pets, KennelSoft/Atlantis.
  • If import is from KennelSoft/Atlantis, we can only format the client and pet information.
  • $500 flat fee.


Ready to get started?  Contact your sales consultant or on how to start your subscription.