Credit Card Processing for Gingr Clients

If you’ve taken some time to look at Gingr, you’ll see that it’s a fantastic way to manage your pet boarding and grooming facility.  Nearly every aspect of your business can experience improved efficiencies by using Gingr.  To that end, we have also incorporated credit card processing directly into Gingr to streamline that component of your business, as well as offer our clients a host of great new features and functionality.

If this is too long to read, here's the gist: We'll match your current rates, offer superior functionality to everyone else, is super secure and you don't have to deal with credit card processing companies- just us!

What does it cost: $115 per credit card reader (fully encrypted and very durable) & any tablet ($50 Kindle Fires work). No contracts, cancellation fees, or terminal leases required.

What You Get

With Gingr’s credit card integration, you’ll get:

Security – We all know how security has become an increasingly important and complicated matter for business owners.  From small mom and pops to large corporations, a security breach can be devastating to your business.  That’s why Gingr uses state of the art tokenization to protect you and your customers’ card information.  A token is a reference to the actual card data of your customers, but it contains no specific card information itself.  The token is an encrypted message sent to our Level I PCI-compliant gateway that houses your data (think big fortress of computers with climate controlled, fire suppression systems, requiring multiple levels of password protection to access).  The token reads the real card information and sends back a message to Gingr that the credit card on file is correct and can be processed - you store no actual credit card information and no actual card information is passed back and forth, so if for any reason someone was able to gain access to your system, there is nothing of value for them to get a hold of.  You and your customers are safe and secure.  

  • PCI Compliant
  • Tokenized, encrypted transactions
  • Security for you and your customers  

Oversight – The merchant service industry has a long history of taking advantage of merchants – from high fees, to bogus charges hitting your account.  With Gingr handling your credit card processing, you’ll have us looking out for you – we will be your credit card watchdog!  We’ll make sure your rates stay fixed and that no unnecessary, unwarranted charges hit your account.  We have years of experience in the card industry and know how to protect our clients.  Plus, with Gingr’s processing solution, you’ll always have a person to call to answer your questions.

  • Rates locked
  • No extraneous fees
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Gingr – your credit card watchdog!

Functionality – By integrating credit card processing within Gingr, all your business needs are met.  Not only will you get the business efficiencies from Gingr’s software, you’ll have the ability to scan items at the register, charge for services in the moment, or on a recurring basis, and even send email receipts that avoid the paper waste and cost, while also marketing to your clients.  

  • All-in-one business solution
  • Accept all credit cards at the register or charge on a recurring basis
  • Electronic signature capture from any tablet
  • Paper-free email receipts- no paper waste for your customers!
  • Market to your client base based on their purchase history

No hassle tip-collection - Now your customers can leave a tip right as they are signing on the electronic tablet.  We've had some clients collect several thousands of dollars in new tips their first month of using Gingr's tablet and tip functionality

  • Easy to collect - customers just tap an on-screen button to leave a set percentage, or fill in their own amount
  • No more awkward requests - "would you like a to leave a tip?"
  • Integrated reporting of tips
  • No end of day reconciliation or "tip adjusting" 
  • Huge increase in tip volume leads to much higher employee satisfaction and increased income


A fantastic integrated card processing solution with amazing functionality and security at no additional cost!

As a Gingr client we want you to be happy with our services, credit card processing included.  We've found that many businesses in our industry already have great rates with their current provider and we don't want there to be any barriers for you to take advantage of all that Gingr has to offer.  That's why we will match your current rate with your processor - there will be no extra fees when you switch to Gingr!  Just share with us two of your current processing statements and we'll handle the rest.  All the great functionality and security our integrated solution provides with no additional expense!

You might be asking “What if I don’t want to use Gingr to process my credit cards?”  You don’t want to get all the features that integration offers?!!  Well, we understand that there may be some rare instances where you’d like to stay with your current processor, and you can do that by using a stand-alone terminal alongside Gingr.  However, that will not allow for our full-product integration and we do not integrate with any other processing providers other than our own.  

We do this to minimize our development time on the processing side so we can continue to implement more amazing features within Gingr to help you save money and run your pet boarding and pet grooming business more efficiently.  With this approach we can ensure that there is complete integration of our software and your card processing.  We’ve chosen a great partner to work with and are confident our solution will offer outstanding benefits to your business. 

To start the process please send two, recent, consecutive credit card processing statements to  We know you’ll be happy with the results!