The pet services industry is changing.  For many years, pet facilities served only as places for pet parents to drop off their pets while they went on vacation.  Today, pets are doing yoga, taking hydrotherapy classes, and participating in all forms of socialization and competitions, such as dock diving, agility training, and more. 

Three years ago, I quit my corporate job to help my family run its pet boarding facility that they have been operating for several decades.  I was impressed by how well the company was running but I could not believe that we were in the 21st century stuck with 20th century software.  You would get a headache if I listed out the number of problems we had with our then existing software, not to mention the time the server went down during the holidays and a few hundred dogs were checking out!  I asked myself, if the industry is advancing, why is the software not advancing with it?  There had to be a better way and, after seeing very talented and smart staff struggle with our software, I set out on a mission to find a better solution.  Unfortunately, there was nothing else on the market that was able to do what we needed (I’m sure you can relate!). 

In my search, I came across three talented individuals with the same mission and goals and today we encompass the founding team of Gingr.  We did not want to be just be another software company, but rather a committed organization focused on helping other facilities solve the same problems we had, and building a solution for facility owners by facility owners.  Today, Gingr is the only web-based solution on the market that has experience owning and/or operating full service pet boarding facilities. 

Since we first beta tested our solution less than a year ago, we have listened to your needs and we will continue to do so – and that is why today Gingr is rolling out features the other software companies, who have been around for almost a decade (or some for almost two decades), have not even considered.  These competitors thought they could get by without listening to their customers and, now that they have seen us enter the market, they are scrambling to catch up (they are even copying our features!). 

Having deep roots in this industry, we want to see everyone succeed through the use of better software and from the knowledge we collectively gain through talking with all of you about best practices.  We appreciate your support and your willingness to test our latest and greatest features.  We are working around the clock to provide you the features you need, to help you manage your business so you don't have to – it is about time you took that vacation you promised yourself! 

This is just the beginning for Gingr.  We are ramping up for a long journey ahead by adding additional support staff and developers to provide you best-in-class service and features that our competitors could only dream about.   Thank you for joining us on the journey.  We could not do this with out you.

Thank you #GingrNation