We have some big news to share that may make you more excited than a dog with a new bone…

As part of our latest release, we've added the ability to void items from an invoice after checkout! This new feature provides your business with more control over your invoices and allows designated users to void items without the need to contact our support team.

This has been one of the most highly requested features by Gingr customers, and the wait is over!

Once the new group permission for Can Process Voids has been enabled, those users will be able to void any line item from an invoice as needed. Comprehensive details on the voids functionality are available in our How to Void Items or Invoices help article. All voided items are able to be viewed in the new Voided Items Report. Before enabling access to the voids permission for users in your app, please ensure that they have reviewed this information carefully and are familiar with the effects of voiding.

Ready to get started? Check out this quick video tutorial to see the new voids feature in action. 

We hope you’ll find this to be a valuable enhancement that will save you time and put the power of managing invoices in your paws! 

For any questions, please reach out to support via email or by logging in to Gingr and accessing live chat.