In the heart of dog-loving communities, Play Dog Play has been a staple for nearly two decades. Linda and Hector Coello, the proud owners of this beloved doggie daycare and boarding facility, took the reins of the business in June 2022. With 20 years of history, Play Dog Play has become more than just a business for the them—it's a cherished part of their lives, akin to raising a third child, complete with furry companions and a loyal clientele.

Transforming Play Dog Play: A Gingr Success Story

Hector, having worked at Play Dog Play for four years before the opportunity arose, was approached by the previous owners who were ready to retire. Embracing the challenge, the Hector and Linda dove into the world of dog care, learning something new every day. The dedicated team at Play Dog Play, now 11 strong, has become an integral part of the Coello family in ensuring the well-being of their four-legged guests.

The journey began with Play Dog Play operating on traditional methods, relying solely on paper for record-keeping. However, with the ever-evolving demands of a bustling dog care facility, they recognized the need for a more efficient and streamlined approach to managing their business. This realization led them to Gingr, a game-changer for Play Dog Play.

Transforming Play Dog Play: A Gingr Success Story

“The owners before us didn’t have a computer system. It was all paper. This is 100% better," Linda emphasizes, reflecting on the significant impact Gingr has had on their operations. The transition from a manual, paper-based system to Gingr's comprehensive software brought about a wave of positive changes.

 One of their favorite features is Gingr's “Check-in" system. Linda explains, “I’m thankful for my Gingr system!!" The simplicity and effectiveness of the check-in feature have transformed the way Play Dog Play welcomes their furry guests. In the past, the manual check-in process was time-consuming and prone to errors. Gingr's digital check-in not only saves time but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Transforming Play Dog Play: A Gingr Success Story

With Gingr, Play Dog Play has gained a competitive edge in the pet-care industry. Linda and Hector and their team can now focus on what they do best—providing top-notch services and creating a safe, enjoyable environment for dogs under their care. From managing reservations to tracking vaccinations, Gingr has become an indispensable tool in the daily operations of Play Dog Play.

As Linda and Hector continue to nurture and grow their business, they are grateful for the support of their dedicated team and the efficiency that Gingr brings to Play Dog Play. The transformation from paper to digital has not only elevated their operations but has also solidified their commitment to providing the best possible experience for both dogs and their owners. Play Dog Play and Gingr—a partnership that has truly gone to the dogs, in the best way possible.

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