We love an inspiring story of personal and professional growth, and Ed's journey with The Dog Retreat and Spa is one of the best.

After years of trying to find the right location, Ed and his wife, Jalene, chose Waltham, Massachusetts for the home of their dog daycare, grooming and training business. Add on another year and a half to get approval from the city, and The Dog Retreat and Spa opened in March of 2019. The business exploded, growing rapidly over the first year.


Then came the pandemic. 

"We had to lay off all of our staff on the day of our 1-year anniversary. My wife and I ran the business ourselves for several months to provide services to essential workers who needed us," said Ed. 

Fortunately, as business picked up, Ed was able to bring his staff back. They now have 25 employees, and the business continues to grow. With a large team that sees many dogs a day, customer service is a top priority. For that, Ed's team relies on Gingr.

169563310_947562172662786_1278417183525667817_n"Gingr allows us to manage all aspects of our business with ease. The ability to look up information at any time on any of our devices is key," said Ed. "We love the ease of making reservations, checking in and out, and communicating with clients. Our clients love booking online and LOVE the daily report cards."

The pandemic couldn't stop The Dog Retreat and Spa from thriving, and we are proud of Ed and his team for their hard work and dedication to providing top-notch service. We can't wait to see what they accomplish next.

"I really can't imagine how we could manage our business without Gingr," said Ed. "It has allowed us to grow and maintain our business, provide tools to communicate with our clients, and of course, easily run our day-to-day operations. We have a partner that we can count on to support us as we grow and continue to expand."