We’ve always held that the best way to ensure customer loyalty in a pet-care business is to deliver the best pet-care possible. Customers know superior service and care when they see it. The best customers will stay with the best service available.

That said, many customers want to feel additionally rewarded for their repeat business,

The first step for a dog-daycare, boarding or grooming business is to offer prepaid packages (aka digital ‘punchcards’). Simply, customers pre-pay a discounted rate towards numerous services. This inherently builds and rewards repeat engagement. Modern dog daycare and boarding software like Gingr will provide advanced tools to sell and track package- or punch-card credits.

Yet again, many customers want to feel they are receiving more financial rewards from their repeat business with you. We see this in many industries, from airlines to food-services,

The majority of pet-care businesses we speak with mention the desire to offer rewards/loyalty program. While there are many rewards/loyalty software programs out their, like Five Stars business loyalty software, these programs are not specific to pet-care, don’t integrate well with other software, and simply add more expenses to your loyalty-discounts.

Most pet-care businesses want a simple loyalty-rewards program that works right in their kennel software, without any additional costs.

In response to this, we at Gingr developed a straight-forward rewards tracking program for you to use in your pet-care business - at no extra cost to your dog daycare and dog boarding or grooming business.

This feature allows you to create reward tires and give account credit to owners based on dollars spent at the facility - or across multiple locations.

$1=1 point, and the business will determine their own tier levels

Points are applied to the customer’s account at the time of a transaction (at time of check-out).

You can configure multiple ‘tiers’ of spending-rewards allocation. For example, perhaps you reward a customer with $5 in credit for every $100 they spend, If a customer reaches $500 in spending, perhaps you reward them with $25 in credit.

Business can indicate when points retire if unused.

Staff users can manually add or deduct points fro owner’s profile using the appropriate buttons (with the “Can Manager Rewards Points” user permission.)

Learn more in this video recording of our live webinar.