Greenhouse Pets, a luxury grooming and boarding facility in Ohio, opened its doors in August 2021.  Amy Berkhouse was the first employee at the time. Since then, Amy has expanded her team to 11 employees to date!

Greenhouse Pets was founded because Amy and her family were searching for quality grooming options in their small town of Uniontown, Ohio! Berkhouse remarks,
“We opened in August of 2021, right as we were coming out of the pandemic. We needed care for our two doodles, and we were very disappointed with all of our options. We opened our business to love and care for pets the way we wanted ours to be treated! Over 1000 pets later, business is booming!"

Amy has a long history with pets. “I have loved and cared for MANY different types of animals over 40 years. I’ve had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, lizards, snakes, a flying squirrel, and a parrot. I went to undergrad to get a degree in biology. After finishing a bachelor's degree, I taught biology on the Mexican border for 10 years, where I received a master’s degree in Educational Administration," says Berkhouse. The lengthy animal care experience that Amy provides creates a safe and encouraging environment for pet owners. 

One of Amy's favorite aspects of the job is being able to take rescue puppies and give them the complete spa treatment they deserve. Being able to pamper a pet and return them to their parents happy and clean gives her immense satisfaction and purpose. 

Greenhouse Family Pets

When Amy started her business, she used a credit card company to help her manage the services they provided.  She was disappointed there was no live chat available and no integrated service that would meet all her business needs. 

After searching for the perfect software, Amy found Gingr. Since utilizing Gingr, she has reduced time spent on administrative tasks and can focus on their four-legged friends. Her favorite part of the software is the commission reports, which include the commission amount for appointment-based services. Commission-based services include groomers, trainers, and other personnel with the potential to earn a commission.

Gingr has helped Amy scale her business by automating systems that were previously pen and paper. “We had been writing all our boarding reservations in a calendar book. We were constantly asking all the employees to send pictures of the boarding book. Dogs would show up out of nowhere that someone hadn't written down. Owners wanted to book online, but we didn't have anything online to track them or how many spots we had available. It's been a blessing to have everything on my phone for me to track all these dogs!" says Berkhouse

With the facility calendar feature, they can now track which pets are coming and going and their pets' needs to have a successful stay at Greenhouse. Gingr has given Greenhouse Pets the confidence needed to operate their business with satisfaction and ease!