Starting a new dog daycare business? A new dog grooming salon? Expanding into a larger dog boarding kennel facility?

Keeping up on important pet-care industry trends helps keep you up-to-date on best practices and competitive in a busy pet-care market.

Carmen Rustenbeck of IBPSA delivered a deep look at what matters in pet-care in her recent article on The State of the Pet Care Services Industry.

To themes and trends noted:


As Rustenback comments, “…technology-based marketing companies have been able to sell the consumer the idea that boarding has very negative connotations and any caring pet parent would not put their pet in a “cage” (ibid).

Facility-based pet-care businesses need to attend to the reputation not only of their facility, but other facilities as well, so that the tide of all pet-care facilities rises above the ‘ubers’ of pet-care like Rover and DogVacay.

We started realizing that if we – who have no real experience – can do this, then pretty much anyone can”. - Aaron Hirschhorn, founder of DogVacay.

Hirschhorn’s comments above provide a simple benchmark that pet-care facilities can ensure to stay competitive: a reputation for experience and professional training in pet-care facilities.

Learn about online reputation management for pet-care in this video:


Advocacy, training, 3rd-party certification. Participation in pet-care associations helps ensure your business rises, and the industry as a whole rises as well. Join the International Boarding and Pet Services Association HERE and get engaged!


Educating yourself and your staff in ‘best practices’ of dog daycare and boarding operations helps you manage risk, increase employee satisfaction and reduces turnover - and helps you win customers-for-life.

Certifications help your employees develop themselves as industry professionals, elevating their job-satisfaction, pay, and elevating the businesses they work for. Pet care staff and facility certification will play a growing role in the pet-care industry in 2019.

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