Payment-Only Refunds vs. Item Refunds

In May 2021, we introduced the ability to refund just a payment. This is a great feature that allows you to manage a payment without having to refund an item from the sale!

iStock-962326600For example, if the wrong credit card is used at checkout, you can refund just the credit card payment and re-collect the payment without having to refund the reservation.

Now that refunds can be issued for either an item or just a payment, we want to make sure you and your team know when to use each option.

Refunding an item can be used when the wrong item was sold or when you need to mark the sale of the item refunded for customer service—this will adjust the total amount due on the invoice.

Refunding just a payment should be used to refund the payment only without returning one of the items sold on the invoice. For example, when a pet parent wants to pay with a different credit card.

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