BIG NEWS: Say hello to our new sales receipt report!

This financial report provides a detailed, accounting-friendly breakdown of sales and payment activities for a selected day or short date range.

The report was developed hand-in-hand with an industry-trained accountant, ensuring accuracy and standardization for accounting requirements. This great new tool will help save time by combining all of your relevant sales and payment information into one easy-to-read report, including sales, payments received, deposits collected, accounts receivable, and more.

Did someone say Quickbooks?

This new report provides an export option for use with Quickbooks Online, which has been a highly requested feature among Gingr customers! The journal-entry style format can be imported into Quickbooks Online as a sales receipt, providing activity directly from Gingr for use in your Quickbooks Online reporting.

Ready to learn more? Check out this short video and our help article.


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