City Paws Pet Club, a Minneapolis-based pet-services business, offers all of the services pet parents could possibly want: dog daycare, boarding, full-service grooming, training, walking, and a retail boutique. Dan Kerkinni, owner of City Paws Pet Club, opened his business in 2018, and in three short years, he’s expanded to two locations and employs 40 staff members from the community.

CityPawsThe City Paws Pet Club's mission is simple and straightforward: “We are committed to providing all pets with love, comfort, companionship and respect. We go the extra mile to keep tails wagging!”

To help keep all those happy tails wagging, Dan integrated Gingr’s pet-care software into his operations from day one.

“We selected Gingr for its simplicity,” says Dan. “And our favorite part of the software is the cloud computing.”

Cloud-based software is essential for a business like Dan’s, where staff attention is split between a range of diverse services. But with Gingr’s cloud computing, whether they’re managing several rooms full of happy dogs in daycare, cleaning boarding spaces, or conducting a training class, pet-care staff have access to daycare and boarding schedules, grooming appointments, and guest messages — no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

But a cloud-based software system is just one of the many time-saving, convenient features offered by Gingr. Using Gingr’s pet-care software also allows Dan to create subscription-based services for his customers — and for Dan, that was a must.  

“We knew we wanted a subscription-based business,” he says. “Gingr made that easy.”

Small businesses that offer customers subscription-based services not only increase customer retention and provide a steady, reliable form of recurring revenue, but customers love them too — the payment process is frictionless, and they never have to worry about selecting services because everything is included in the subscription. 

And, because many pet parents know their pup will need regular grooming every few weeks, and they must also keep to a dog daycare schedule that coordinates with their work schedule, a subscription-based model is perfect for pet-care businesses. Setting up subscriptions is as easy as clicking a button — and Gingr does the rest. 

The other piece of this customer experience is online booking, which, according to Dan, has had a huge impact on the growth of Pet Paws Pet Club, and enabled him to expand to a second location.

“By allowing our customers to book online, we’ve grown our business!” says Dan.

Using Gingr to power his business gives Dan all the time he needs to make sure the tails keep wagging at City Paws Pet Club!