The Scenario: Losing A Pet's Belongings

Two doting pet parents arrive to drop off their dog Maggie for her first boarding experience. Maggie and her parents are nervous, but you assure them Maggie will have the best time. They give you Maggie's favorite toy, blanket, and collar. You're about to make a note of these items, but another family comes in, and you set them aside for now. As the day goes on, the items disappear, and you forget about them completely. Three days later, Maggie's parents come to pick her up. You let them know Maggie was anxious, but she did well. When they ask where Maggie's toy, blanket and collar are, you panic. You have no idea where these items are, what they look like, or how you're going to explain this. Maggie's parents vow never to return to your boarding facility again. If only there were a way to track Maggie's belongings.

Track Pet Belongings With Gingr

Gingr provides an easy way to track belongings for every pet under your care. The Belongings feature provides customization, documentation, and reporting.

Gingr's Belongings feature is a great way to document:

  • Item type (Ex: blanket)
  • Item description (Ex: Star Wars blanket)
  • Item location (Ex: Cubby 4.)
  • Photos of each item

You can also run a Belongings Report to track belongings on reservations, as well as to track down the owner of a lost item.

What are you waiting for? Let Gingr help you keep all of your pet guests' belongings safe. For step-by-step directions on how to set up Belongings, check out this knowledge base article