The Georgia House Rabbit Society, a volunteer-based nonprofit and domestic rabbit rescue, has a simple mission: To rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abused, abandoned and neglected domestic rabbits.

Georgia House Rabbit SocietySince its founding in 1996, the Georgia House Rabbit Society has rescued an astounding 3,500 rabbits. In order to fund their state-wide rescue operations, GHRS offers several niche pet services to the Georgia community including pet rabbit and guinea pig boarding, rabbit grooming services, a learning center, and a retail arm for rabbit supplies.

When they moved into their new 6,500 square foot rabbit rescue facility, Sarah Holbrook, co-manager of GHRS, knew it was time to expand and upgrade their dated software system to a user-friendly, cloud-based platform that was designed with the pet services community in mind. Because Sarah’s business is a unique mix of nonprofit and for-profit services, the ability to customize her software to fit her business model would be key to her company's success in the future. 

To meet the needs of both her pet services business and her rescue operations, Sarah chose Gingr, and she couldn’t be happier with the service she’s received so far.

“Our implementation specialist, Stephen, has been the biggest help to solve the unique needs of our rescue," says Sarah. "He’s great!”

Knowing that Gingr’s US-based implementation and customer success team are there to walk her and the volunteer staff through each step of the set-up process, helps Sarah better understand and leverage Gingr’s powerful tools and features. And, when it comes time to customize online forms for boarding and grooming services, organize new and repeat customer profiles, and improve tracking of retail sales, all of which help fund the rescue bunnies, Gingr’s dependable customer service team is there to support her!

Once Gingr’s powerful pet business software is fully implemented, Sarah believes the software will, “help us be more organized and allow us to focus more of our time on rescuing neglected rabbits.”

With Gingr streamlining her organization’s operations, Sarah can focus on what is the most important part of volunteering, “saving animals who have nowhere else to go.”