In Trenton, Michigan, Bubble Puppy Playhouse acts as a one-stop-shop for grooming, doggie daycare, and enrichment activities like a saltwater doggie swimming pool. They even have a popular TikTok account that draws millions of views a year!

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Arthur, manager of Bubble Puppy, joined his family’s pet-care business after a successful career in the Air Force. But when he started digging into the business’s operations, he discovered the pet-care management software that helped launch Bubble Puppy just wasn’t keeping up with the business’s growth, which by that time had more than doubled. 

“Our previous system drove me insane and I knew we needed a change," says Arthur. "After going through several trial runs with other operating systems, my wife told me about Gingr. She watched a trial video, started signing us up, and here we are!”

New businesses face challenges as they grow, and Arthur’s was no exception, but by switching to Gingr’s modern cloud-based software, Arthur can now keep pace with the increased demand for services like grooming, swim time, and daycare. 

But Arthur uses Gingr for more than just managing his operations and online bookings. Gingr has helped him build a stronger customer engagement strategy. Interactive features like the daily report card and photo sharing have strengthened his client relationships and helped generate repeat bookings. It’s a customer engagement strategy that’s paid off at Bubble Puppy. Today, the team adds between 1-3 new clients every day! 

“We are grateful to be with Gingr,” says Arthur. “It's so easy to use and even fun! Adding icons to describe each dog and being able to add profile pictures and email report cards—I love it!.”

The benefits of using Gingr’s software go beyond interactive features like report cards, intuitive tools like online booking, and improved workflows. If Arthur ever encounters a situation where he needs a little extra help, Gingr’s reliable customer support is there to help him find a solution.

Arthur explains the impact of Gingr’s dedicated customer support by saying, “The quickness of the employees on the helpline, as well as the person you are assigned to when setting up, have been a huge help. If an issue arises and I have no idea how to fix it, the Gingr team gets me an answer within the day.”

Whether the Bubble Puppy staff is splashing around the play pool with their furry clients or checking-in customers for a day at the Playhouse, they know they can trust Gingr to help them put their best paw forward!