The sustainability of your pet boarding, daycare or grooming business will always depend on getting new customers, as some of your customers will move, their pets will pass on, or they will leave for other reasons.

I just listened to TyTheDogGuy's "PetLifeRadio" short on getting more leads for your pet business. I'm not a marketing expert, but I can appreciate the value of more leads (I'm Director of Sales for Gingr, after all). I think Ty has some good advice.

How do you maintain getting new customers for the life of your business?

Most of your prospective customers will look for you on the internet and review your website. They've made it to your website, but how do you get them to the next step? How do you convert them to engage with you?  Remember, all you need from them at the start is their name, an email and phone number.

The Opt-In

The goal is to get the prospective customer to 'opt-in', by at least giving their email or contact information to you, so that you can develop the relationship to the point where they will come in and use your services. Generally, you need to offer a carrot (or a bone, in this industry) to get them to provide you with their information. All you need from them is their name, an email and phone number. 

You need to give something to them. This could simply be some form of information, via an e-book or a video.

E-books - For them to opt-in and download an e-book, you need to give them a very big PROMISE. Make it specific. Make it big, like "5 steps to get your puppy house-trained in 4-days". It's really not hard to develop an e-book. You need some content, create a PDF file, and have an auto-mated way for that to send to them once they enter their information. Have your web-designer help you with this.

Videos - Facebook can be a good way to market to people to engage and check-out a video you are offering. It should be interesting and entertaining enough. Use Facebook ads to help catch their attention to your site to get the video. There are lots of very affordable video services now to help you with video content.

Free- or discounted- service 'taste' - If you offer something for 'free', the client will know they are going to be sold on something, so what can you add on-top that has bigger value than the fear the prospect may have to 'being sold' on your service. How can you make it attractive for them to take the time to check out our 'free' offer?

A discount can be helpful, to get them in the door and try out your services, but be careful, as that can cheapen your services, so consider instead a free gift that does not de-value your services.

Pricing - On your website, give them all the information about your business and services (get them hungry), but don't have your pricing on your website. Have prospective customers enter some information so that they can receive your pricing. Then you can follow-up and see if they are a good fit for your business.


And here's where it all lies - the timeliness and qualify of your follow-up. It can be tough, I know, as people are busy, and they may submit an inquiry, but then it's hard to reach them. Develop a system and stick with it. If you show them you are available and persistent, you can connect with the prospect and help them learn more about your business' services. This gives you a chance to control (to a degree) when and how you communicate with your prospective customers, so you can do a better job of selling your services.

Here's a link to the audio file:

What are you doing to attract and communicate with new prospective customers? Let me know!


 - Andy